Thursday, January 25, 2007

In The Forest

A hat in Malabrigo Autumn Forest. This yarn is so soft and beautiful in the variations. The finished product is quite satisfying—made all the more satisfying when a complete stranger stops you and tells you your hat is “handsome.” I hope that doesn’t mean masculine in appearance!

I’m one of those people who take compliments at face value, and never look for ulterior meanings or concealed messages. I guess that makes me naïve. Maybe that’s a character flaw, not recognizing subtle messages behind others’ statements, but it sure makes life more pleasant. I just keep going—head down into the fray, and more, with a smile on my face. Call it naïve or dense, but it helps me remember that life is good, and people generally are kind.

So, the hat, masculine or not, is going to be part of a set which includes the Malabrigo scarf in Rojo Intenso (next post), and fingerless mitts combining the Autumn Forest and Rojo Intenso. I decided to add the scarf and mitts when I remembered that we are going to Minnesota in late April for GD#1’s college graduation, and I’m sure it will be colder there than it is in Fort Worth in April! My hair is growing back, and I’ve decided to keep it short, but I’ve noticed a distinct chill on my neck this winter. Hat and scarf are a must combination

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pure Heaven

That’s what yarn acquisition is when you are as sick as I was. DH brought home some horrible bug that laid us both out for three days. Forget what they say about 24 hour virus—there’s no such thing! So what do you do from a sprawled position on the couch (with a bucket nearby)? You shop for yarn online, that’s what. That is how I found my new favorite yarn shop PureKnits. I ordered all of the yarn in the photo, except for the Christmas Balls Socks That Rock. The other yarn there is mauve Fable baby alpaca for beaded mitts, Kona Bay worsted for bubblegum pink socks, and Malabrigo in Rojo Intenso for a long, elegant scarf for moi. All of this comes after receiving a skein of Malabrigo in Autumn Forest for a hat, from said Pureknits. Photos of the hat will be forthcoming.

Yesterday I was working, trying to catch up with the backlog from the time I was on my deathbed (or in the bathroom as the case may be), and the Mailman brought boxes with yummy yarn and hope for happy knitting experiences. Wow, I love being a knitter. We get all the goodies!

So let me tell you about PureKnits—they are the greatest! My yarn was received quickly, each package tied with a brown ribbon, and wrapped with brown and coral tissue. A personal, hand written note was included with both orders. It’s so nice to do business with such gracious people. They have a good range of yarns such as Yarntini, Tilli Thomas, Laines du Nord, and their own PureKnits yarn, and the price points are better or equal to other online stores. Truly a case of “try it you’ll like it.”

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Six Jaynes and a Jill

Have you ever seen a goofier group? The Jayne Cobb hats were a real hit—probably the hit of the century. Firefighter son (top-second from left) asked for the same hat in black so he can wear it with his turnout gear. The others say they will wear theirs for paintballing and four-wheeling, except for Dad (bottom center) who walks the dog in his, and Brother John (bottom left) who shovels snow off the sidewalk in Chicago in his. Each hat was packaged with a card that bore the original quote from Wash in Firefly, “a man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.” Trust me, this group is afraid of nothing!

The photo should be titled “A rose among the thorns.” The center beauty is DG#2 in her Peruvian Alpaca hat that will keep her ears warm in Ireland, where she went when she left us here in Fort Worth. Big change in weather for her.

On another subject, I met a woman in Hobby Lobby this morning. She watched as I picked up two crochet hooks that I will use to pull yarn through beads on the beaded mitts I am planning to knit. She asked if I crochet. I answered that I know how to crochet, but that I mostly knit. She showed me a beautiful crocheted scarf she was wearing and said that she has decided that she wants to “do that.” I commended her, saying she has chosen a relaxing and very rewarding art. She frowned and said, “Oh I’m not an artist. I just want to do something with my hands, and have it look like this scarf.” Okay, here I am again—the utilitarian art advocate. I assured her that producing a beautiful product using ones hands and any medium—oils, acrylic, paper, wool—is most definitely art! She frowned a little, but then said, “If that’s true then I want to be an artist. Would you help be gather the things I will need?” And I did. I left Hobby Lobby thinking about the fact that another artist has been added to our flock, another person who will enjoy the peace, tranquility, and accomplishment of crocheting and/or knitting. Though we are many, there simply are not enough of us!