Sunday, October 19, 2014


She did it again!  Granddaughter Jessica has one more Chicago Marathon under her belt.  She has even lured her dad into running and he may join her in a marathon one day.  She finished the marathon in just over 6 and a half hours, running an average 15 minute mile.  The improvement over her times last year and the medal were enough to make her happy.  We are so proud of her!

Please forgive the repeat pictures of Blanket Sweater.  The sweater is two stripes and 2 inches of ribbing from a completed body.  (Seen here with the draped front folded flat).  All that is left after that are the sleeves, but for some reason the sleeves always seem the most daunting part of the whole sweater.  Knitting sleeves is like second sock syndrome on steroids.  I will persevere and I will prevail.  Every day that the temperature goes down a little more I knit a little faster.

New yarn is spurring me on as well.  I have a shawl in mind using sequined yarn and who could stand up to bubble gum pink sock yarn calling out to them.  I plan to make the tops of the socks longer so that when I sit and my pants leg hems slide up a bit the socks scream “PINK!!”
Vintage photos always make good reruns.  With that in mind I offer "photo of girl on the way to prom."  If memory serves me, this girl looks a little like I did at one moment in my life.

Life is good and memories are precious.