Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life Savers

Thanks to all my blog buddies for your prayers, healing thoughts and especially patience with my lack of posting.  You have all been life savers!  It has been a couple weeks since I have been able to type or do much of anything due to the arm injury.  The strength in my left arm is coming back and I have even started a new knit project.  I fell head over heels in love with some cheapo acrylic yarn with sparkles that I happened by in Michaels.  I cast on for a rectangular scarf/shawl and started knitting with a simple lacy stitch pattern and eight rows later put it down because my arm started to ache.  It will get better every day and the knitting WILL continue as I build strength.
DH and I garden in the evening because it is too hot to work outside before sunset.  Unfortunately, that is the time that mosquitos come out as well.  We have found a life saver to protect us from mosquitos called PIC.  These are little clip on badges with a battery powered fan that blows an odorless insect repellant up to 8 feet around us.  Non-allergenic and powerful as all get out, the badges have kept us from being eaten alive!!
Do you carry a fan?  My mom used to carry one of the old fashioned folding fans to cool herself down in Church, at home, or anywhere the Arizona heat became too much for her.  I have a little different approach but the result is the same.  I carry a battery powered fan in my bag and it is a life saver!  When I get into the car and have to wait for the air conditioning to cool things down, I turn on my fan.  When the air conditioning struggles to keep up with demand in a theatre, Church, meeting or home, I pop out my fan and switch it on.  It is my “don’t leave home without it” item!!

How does my garden grow?  Amazingly well!! 
Macy and Max are checking the garden for varmints.  They are saving mom and dad from vicious squirrels.

Life is good!!