Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shout Out!

I’m shouting it from the rooftops that the Berry Tart Hat is finished.  I only wish I had made it larger so the new baby could wear it until he/she is at least 15 because I will NEVER make another one.  You know what I mean—bobbles and all that!  So this is my shout out to all you brave knitters out there who will tackle a bobble or two in your future—Brava!
The weird little girl modeling Berry Tart Hat is Bear Baby.  Something you may not know about me is that I collect strange stuffed animals.  I started out collecting teddy bears, but as the years went on my children and friends grew stranger and creepier in their gift selections.  The result is an eccentric collection that I keep in a display case in my bedroom (and two or three on top of a high shelf) so as not to terrify small children who might wander into my home. 
Note: the dogs don’t like them either!  In spite of their love of all things soft and stuffed they have never touched one of the weird crew.  In the future, as I continue to knit baby hats, I will have them modeled by a few of my “pets” like 50’s sock hop rabbit, mink piggy bear (we’re not sure which) and BIG lady bug.  I’m afraid that if I revealed the entire collection at one time you would ban me from this knitty/bloggy group. 
The week has zipped by at warp speed without any other knitting to speak of except the phone bag, which I confess I only finished off with a cast off and an I-cord, and a few rows of the second glittery fingerless mitt.  I feel blessed to have found the time to knit that much.  Work knitting is non-existent at this time.  DH helped me find time to go to lunch with DIL and the grandkids’ visiting Canadian Grandma.  The Olive Garden never looked so good to me!!

Macy and Max are waiting for their lunch.  Kibble bowls all around….

Life is good!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's In The Bag

Voila, the new phone bag!  My sweet husband complains that he can never reach me.  I have a phone, but communication has been unreliable between us since the day that I kicked my iPhone to the curb and claimed the Samsung Galaxy Note as mine.  A bag was needed to corral the critter and keep it with me at all times. 
DH is out of the office a lot visiting clients, and to his credit he has always been one to keep in touch.  Not so much since the new phone and the fault is all mine.  It just doesn’t fit in my hand the way the iPhone did, and the weight of it causes me to put it down to use both hands.  You know what follows—bye, bye big phone.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great phone; in fact, I will never go back to Apple.  I love the apps, the note taking, the appointment scheduling capabilities.  The screen is big enough for my not-so-young eyes and I am mad about Android!!  I am a Droid user forever!!  But it’s big!  HUGE!

Anyway, after not posting all this time (tis the season) I finally post a blog to tell you that I stopped all the baby knitting, all the sock knitting, all the fingerless mitt knitting, to knit a bag!  That’s pretty much it.
Thanks to all who have continued to pray for and send healing thoughts to Mr. Max!!  He is almost healed and almost back to his old Superdog behavior.  He does like to get me up in the middle of the night because I can hear him chewing his paw three rooms away.  And he loves the reaction he gets when he climbs up on the back of the recliner or climbs a low tree limb in the yard.  Everyone runs and screams, “Max, no!  Get down before you hurt your paw!!”  Yippee, instant attention!!

Macy has tolerated the whole two weeks of commotion, being the aloof, independent JRT she is, but she is just about THERE in the enough-is-enough category.  They are a basket of fun!

Life is good.