Monday, November 18, 2013

No Fun

Some things are just no fun!  Two badly infected root canals—no fun.  Dental surgery—no fun.  More procedures next week—no fun.  Recovering by curling up in a big recliner with two dogs and knitting non-stop for days because you have a good excuse to do so—priceless!!  That pretty much describes my week and at least I can say that it is getting better, just in time for more of the same.  I hate dental work but I love my teeth!   
                                                                    Babies in our trees
In the spirit of doing what I want to do at this time, I am throwing in photos that have nothing to do with the content of this post.  Now that IS fun!!

It’s no fun to have to find dates when all of the working nurses and the firefighter can be together for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Throw in granddaughter’s 18th birthday and three sons’ December birthdays and it caused multiple calendars to be crumpled up and thrown in the trash at our weekend family meeting.  I think we finally hit on some dates though.  Birthdays will only be delayed by a week and a half, Thanksgiving will be on the 30th and Christmas will be Christmas Eve evening to make allowances for the half day on the 24th workers.  I said, “Great!  We can sleep in on Christmas morning,” and they all threw the crumpled calendars at me.  I amended that to say that Dad and I can sleep on Christmas morning! 
                                      Macy says, "Could you drop one of those burgers right here?"
My husband and I are among an elite and growing group that is having no fun at this time.  Our health insurance was cancelled!  I will not go into right or wrong, or promises not kept but I have to say this sucks and I would like to have a face to face conversation with a person of influence about the situation.  DH and I have worked well past retirement age and the primary reason is to pay for excellent health insurance so our kids don’t have to worry about us.  No one can say that our policy was sub-standard as a reason for cancellation because we have not paid even a co-pay for anything from a craniotomy to a rash in 20 years.  I really resent the government messing up something that I have worked so hard to achieve!!  BUT—we will pick ourselves up and fix it and refuse to let the turkeys get us down!!  Enough rant because…

Life is good.
                                                         Max is hoarding toys again