Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The House On The Hill

Our darling daughter’s, and her darling family’s beautiful house sits on a hill.  It is almost like my house.  It is the family house.  When I close my eyes I can almost see the big tree at Christmas and and the whole family gathered there.  I can almost taste the steaks cooked on the patio grill.  We have been there as much as in our own home.  I have sat there and slept there when granddaughter was ill.  We have worked with grandson on homework at the dining room table.  We have spent days and weeks there with the children when mom and dad were traveling.  It is home!
It's strange that this is the only picture I have of the house because this is about the only part that is undamaged.  Monday morning at 2:00 AM lightning struck the highest dormer of the house on the hill, the dormer directly above the window under which our grandson sleeps, and by the grace of God our grandson was in the room across the hall gaming on his computer.  Although blinded by the flash and unable to breathe the smoke, he was able to alert the rest of the family, and our loved ones made it out of the resulting fire.  Now what is left is the task of collecting those “things” that survived and rebuilding.  The barn survived and all the vehicles.  Many “things” were salvaged because the fire department did a masterful job of stopping the blaze and reducing water and chemical damage to the interior.  Smoke damage is another thing—it can’t be reduced.

I choose to call the belongings, and in some cases treasures, "things" because that is all they are and in my heart and mind so they shall remain.  My people are safe!!  They will rebuild—beginning this morning and through the months ahead.  This time I will document each step, each brick and beam and bucket of paint.  I will keep it all in a book titled Home, Part Two.  Then we will have a house party, and the healing will really begin. 

Right now the family is circled and holding each other and saying the things that make it right and put the world back into order.  We are blessed with a huge support team and all the love in the world.  No fire can bring us down.  No loss can come between us—that has been tried with bigger losses than this!  We will be grateful for your prayers as the rebuilding begins and through the months ahead. Please say prayers of thanks as well for the safety and the love and the hope we have. 
God is good.