Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Repairs and Maintenance

This blog’s writer has been under repairs and maintenance for a while.  I said I was going to retire for half the year and work through the heavy year-end closings and taxes part of the year.  That puts me smack dab in the middle of that fast-paced time and headed toward the first tax due date.  It is still the intense and wearing pace that I remember.  But the end of summer and winter were fun!

None of the back-to-work stress has helped the sometimes severe and other times “I can handle them” anxiety attacks I’ve been having.  We are working on the problem, and when I say, “We” I mean just about anyone who comes in contact with me day to day.  Bill has been a huge help in keeping me calm.  He even uses humor.  This morning he said he would tell me how pretty I looked but he was afraid I would ask, “What do you mean by that.”  I have made small progress thanks to a wonderful doctor who knows me well after 30 years.  I think I am on the way to understanding myself better than ever before and demonstrating that old dogs really can learn new tricks with the help of a lot of friends, a ton of prayers and a little medication.

Staying busy with things I enjoy has been my main “repair and maintenance” method.  There are two new great-grandchildren coming in the next two months. All these new babies have had me knitting and sewing during every free moment.

I finished a little girl sweater which is awaiting buttons:

I’m working on a pink blanket with fuchsia and purple contrast:

AND a soft as bunny-fur blanket for baby girl.  This is made fast and easy by making a frame with four mitered corners to slip the contrast flannel (and batting if you like) into.  Stitch around the whole thing and just add a baby.
Still working on a quilt for the baby boy, but since it has a fire engine on it, brother Bryce will be sure it belongs to him:

Then I made pattern weights to use on the silk shirt I am about to cut for sewing.  No sticking pins in that sheer fabric!
Finally I tried my hand at a fabric storage box, and since it is okay (just) I may make more:
That’s what is happening with me.  Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.  The pups are being their usual cute and demanding selves.  Soon to be 15 year-old Macy had a senior dog exam that included x-rays and blood tests.  When the Vet called he said, Macy is a 15 year-old dog with a 5 year-old dog’s heart and body.  We are blessed!
Life is good. 
 (Anyone know why Blogger is acting so crazy?  I can't get anything to stay where I put it.)