Tuesday, July 21, 2015

About Aging

The thing about aging is that it happens to all of us, each in our own way.  I know 50 year-olds who look and feel older than I do.  On my next birthday I will see 77 and I’m still working, still swimming, still hosting family gatherings—I could go on and on.  I believe those numbers are lucky for me, in Vegas, biblically and don’t even get me started on Feng Shui.

My best advice on aging is, “Take care of your skin!”  I think my mother had me using moisturizer at the age of 4.  She was a stickler about caring for her skin and insisted I do the same.  When I worked at Neiman Marcus I had access to samples of all the best moisturizers. I tried Chanel, Alexandra de Markoff, Bare Escentuals, Clinique, Origins, you name it and I tried it.  I finally settled on Origins and used it for 15 years. 

Around my 75th birthday I decided I was fighting a losing battle and paying that much for moisturizer was crazy.  Nobody wants to be a crazy old lady, so I settled on good old Oil of Olay.  First I tried ProX then I tried Regenerist.  As a mini-review I can tell you that ProX is the best low-priced face cream that can be bought.  Coming from one who has tried them all, you can take that to the bank.  So, a toast to Olay!
Another thing about aging, it seems knitting moves slower.  I find I have to stop and massage my hands and arms more often and I tend to move more slowly in general.  I have been knitting this shrug for three weeks and still have 10 more inches to finish. 

Of course, I have also been knitting Simple Knit Cardigan, and then there is the afghan I started a few nights ago.  I have a serious multi-project problem!

As for the pups, Max is better.  He is finally drinking from his water dish but still will not let us put his collar on him.  Our little JRT Macy is failing I am sad to say.  We feel she is going downhill and the vet agrees with us.  She is still comfortable and reasonably alert so we are just watching for now.  We are blessed by every day we have with her.
 Life is good.