Saturday, February 22, 2014

I've Been Thinking...

Several weeks ago I mentioned to a client that I have never tried growing orchids.  Not being one to miss a chance to shine, DH gave me a gorgeous purple Phalaenopsis Orchid for Valentine’s Day, shown here with the Laura Ashley throw he added because they were the same color.  (The man knows how to strike a chord)!  While doing research on how to make it thrive I realized that I am excited by the whole growing experience. That started me thinking that instead of a garden this year what I need is a greenhouse!  Don’t you love the way I leap from one thing to another.

Last year the garden was an also-ran, hardly worth mentioning!  I did get bunches of jalapenos for my efforts, and the whole family “shopped” for herbs in the herb section.  Other than that it was much ado about no tomatoes.  Let’s not even mention the cucumber mating session.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I purchased pre-started plants rather than start my own seedlings as I did the year before.  The seedling year I bought a seed assortment from and the seedlings started quickly and were hardy, wildly producing plants in no time!  A little extra work really pays off.
So I’ve been thinking, I can build the sons and grandson can build a greenhouse over the existing elevated garden.  I will put stepping stones down the middle and plant vegetables on the ground along the sides.  Then I will put racks above the veggies for herbs, green plants, and of course orchids.  Sometimes my thinking gets out of hand, but it keeps me busy!
The pups are settling after their stressful time.  They are relaxing in the chair with me while I work—and knit.  It’s a beautiful thing when life gets back to normal—knitting, writing, working from my chair on the weekend, dinner out with the kids, and back to work on Monday.  All with a healthy husband.  I feel like the most blessed woman in the world!

Life is good!!