Friday, April 15, 2016

She's B-a-a-a-a-c-k

It has been a long time!  Between cataract surgery, trips to the dermatologist to heal the rash on my face from the solutions used in the cataract surgery, and tax season…I’ve been lost.  Some days I feel like I’m drifting from hour to hour and others I feel like I’m being pushed through the day.  It has been unpleasant but not shattering.  I am well and seeing better than ever—even better than my teenage years.

I’m sporting mono-vision intraocular lenses these days and doing computer work, reading, and knitting, as well as bird watching in the trees 100 yards across the field all without glasses!  I love it when a plan comes together!

Knitting has been slow due to late days in the office and a pair of socks that just will not be done.   
Did you ever have a sock(s) that refuse to be done no matter how much you knit?  These gray socks have a mind of their own.  The yarn is a beautiful alpaca blend so maybe it wants me to keep knitting and enjoy the experience.   I was able to finish a pair of red sparkly socks.  I love wearing them and having people comment that my socks are sparkling.
I’ve also started one of Kathyb’s doubled, leftovers blankets.  It is the best of mindless knitting.

Speaking of yarn, last weekend we had a family garage sale.  Saturday had heavy traffic but Sunday was slow and perfect for knitting in the sunny, breezy, 72 degree weather.  I cleaned out my stash cabinet and put out two big baskets of yarn.  One customer bought two skeins and the rest went to a sweet lady who bought all the yarn for crafting projects and wanted the baskets too.  I have four of those straw laundry baskets so I was happy to throw them in on the deal.  My goal was to make enough for a dress form to complete my sewing room and aid my summer sewing.  Mission accomplished—the dress form, who shall be known as Dolly, is on the way.

The pups are healthy and happy at the moment.  We have had a few missteps with Miss Macy in the last month or two.  She is getting older so I guess it is natural for her to be ill one day and well the next.  Allergies abound but medications seem to be helping both of the fur-babies.  They still eat home cooked food and cookies and they still are spoiled rotten.  Love them to pieces!!

I’ve missed all of you and I’m very glad to be back among blogging knitters.  I am looking forward to sharing the garden, the pups and of course the knitting this summer.

Life is good.