Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another Kind Of Christmas

Christmas Central (my sewing room) is a busy place!  Every year our wacky family does a different form of Christmas gift giving.  Year before last it was charitable donations.  It was a beautiful, fulfilling time made even more lovely by sharing with the whole family.

Last year we had a kids only Christmas and covered up every under 18 family member with fun things.  We had a blast playing with their toys and games and some of the family members went home saying, “We have to get one of those games / toys.”

Christmas 2015 will be the year of stocking stuffers.  We have stockings for every member of the family (15) and an add-on gift bag to augment the stockings.  All items must be small, inexpensive and useful, as in not one of those things that will hang around part of the year and then be thrown out.  That’s a tall order and we all are having to think hard to find the right items that fit within the guidelines.  I can share a few of my purchases because I make family promise not to read my blog the weeks before Christmas so they will be surprised.

You may know that I am a Tic Tac freak.  I found Minion Tic Tacs for each stocking because I believe everyone should have a Minion of their own.
Knitted mitts for each of the ladies.  I’ve been knitting mitts since October and am finishing the last pair one day before Christmas Eve.  Close but I’ll get there.  Whew, that’s a lot of mitts!

The rest of the goodies include bright lights for the hunters and runners, “Hair Of The Dog” beer can cozies for the dog/beer lover, portable (as in carry in a bag or briefcase) charging stations, and wood backed earbuds for the train commuters.


The amazing thing is that I’m finished and it all fits in a stocking and small gift bag for each family member.  This is one wacky Christmas we might want to do over again….  Naaah,  I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year.

Merry Christmas to all!