Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hog Heaven

Whenever my father was extremely pleased he would say he was in “hog heaven.”  I plead with him, asking just where hog heaven is and he would tell me that it was something I would have to find for myself.  Well—I found it!!  I.  Found.  It.  Hitofude!

I believe I have found the ultimate sweater pattern.  Click on the link to see Hitofude by Japanese designer Hiroko Fukatsu.  A bit of lace fluff that I am excited to knit!!  I paid 200 Japanese Yen for it on PayPal.  My currency converter said that amounts to $2.50 but they only charged me $1.67.  The world’s greatest sweater pattern and a discount.  Score!  This will probably be the first project of 2016 since I am knitting Featherweight Cardigan now and will probably not finish until October.
It's starting to look like a sweater...

I will be living with the Hitofude pattern until I begin knitting.  I make it a practice to read a pattern many times so I feel I know the design before I start.  I even took it to bed with me last night and fell asleep with it.  Bill says that’s not the first time he has slipped a pattern from under my hands before he turned out the lights.  

There are days when we think we have won the allergy battle with Miss Macy, and others when we begin to feel that we are losing ground.  Today we are losing!  I have tried all of the tricks—meds, washes, creams, removing all grains from the diet—nothing is working.  As we get closer to our trip I feel guiltier about leaving her, even in the loving care of grandson Christian.  Chris will move in and take good care of her, but he’s not the mommy.
Here are two doggies drugged on antihistamines…

Bricklayer Baby Blanket is such a fun knit project. 

I’m having a good time and the blanket is so pretty that I want to do it again in pink, green, blue and variegated.  Isn’t it great to thoroughly enjoy a knitting project!

Life is good.