Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Day Is It?

Whoa!  Did anyone get the number of that bus that leveled my life last week?  It was one of those weeks during which you go to sleep and wake up without knowing what day it is. There were doctors’ visits, a birthday, Father’s Day, a minor accident, vet visits, and a whole lot of catering to the whims of a small dog.  Knitting progressed as a waiting room distraction as well as books listened to and read.
I discovered the Jake Lassiter series by Paul Levine.  Main character Jake is a spirited defense attorney of former pro-football fame.  These are great courtroom dramas with a lot of investigative action thrown in.  Just my cup of tea!
Knitting continues on Simple Knit Shrug with hope that it will be finished before the snow flies again.  At the same time I have had the opportunity to take a few licks at Featherweight Cardi as well.
The minor accident involved our little Max pup.  He was getting a drink of water and as is his way, decided to wipe his mouth on a hallway rug (mom says with great chagrin).  His collar and tags became snagged on the rug and pulled tight around his neck.  I heard him whining and rushed to untangle him but he was not himself the rest of the day.  The vet says his throat was red and put him on antibiotic and anti-inflammatory meds.  The worst part is that he will not drink out of the water dish now, so we give him water in his food and with ice cubes which are good for his throat.  Pets are like kids—it’s always something!

Macy is doing doggie yoga.

Dirty bird Mr. Woodpecker came to eat after a heavy rain.  He is so muddy you can hardly tell he is a woodpecker. 

This week started off with a slow start and so far has been normal.  Hopefully no more catch me if you can.

Life is good.