Sunday, October 04, 2015

All The News That's Fit To Share

Happiness is having a family member who is a talented interior decorator.  While visiting for the wedding I fell in love with her wall clock, which uses old family photos as the numbers.  When they came to Texas to visit a few weeks ago, she was equipped with the clock parts and frames to “build” me a clock.  It required moving and re-hanging the photos that were already spread the length of the wall.  She tackled the job with her usual flair and in one afternoon not only finished a dazzling clock but a display of the photos that is much more pleasing than it ever was when I just slapped them up without any thought.  I give you, ta-da, The Wall….
The knitting is moving along.  I can hardly believe that the blanket is almost done.  Our son and daughter-in-law are coming from Chicago to visit next week and since the blanket is for her sister’s November baby I would like to give it to her to take home with her.  I hope!  I hope! 

I am also reaching the sleeve section of my red Christmas sweater, then round and round for the body section.  I’m not saying which Christmas this sweater will be worn!

Armed with an exceptional resume, letters of recommendation and a 4.0 GPA, my little granddaughter Samantha has become a full-fledged DPhiE (Delta Phi Epsilon).  She sent me a picture of a gift she had received from her Big Sister.  My heart did a flip/flop because she is so grown up and beautiful it took my breath away.  She is going to be an amazing nurse like her mom.  I miss her stops at the house and our cookie baking sessions.  Life has dealt me another change and I don’t deal well with changes.  I think I will go and cry into a dog’s fur for a bit.  That always helps!
I’ve ordered Capretta from Knit Picks for the Hitofude Cardigan.  I plan to start it as soon as the blanket is finished.  It is a fingering weight combo of merino and cashmere.  A little cashmere is always good for the soul.  I will probably pet it a lot before I start the knitting.  The color is called Timber but it looks more like a mink to me.

The Texas weather is good – 70° to 80° and down to 50° at night.
The pups are healthy and happy.
Work is quiet from November 1st to January 1st.  Yippee!!

Life is good.