Monday, September 23, 2013


There are seven pairs of mitts finished and three odd-ball mitts in my knitting basket that need a mate.  When I finish those three mitts I will be finished with the Christmas knitting.  In the middle of it I am having cravings for sock knitting. I don’t want to put the mitts aside even though I still have 2 ½ months left, but I have been away from socks for a while and this morning when I opened my sock drawer to get my ear buds and iPod a voice spoke to me.  I distinctly heard, “winter is coming.  We are too few.  Knit socks like the wind.”  Come on you sassy socks, there are at least 30 pairs of you in there!  The voice said, “Twenty seven.  And a half.”  I shut the drawer fast!  Socks are on my mind so my mitt knitting time is now being shared with yellow sock number two. 
You probably already know that I am a techno geek.  When new tech toys are born I must have them ASAP.  For that reason I have a savings account for new tech toys so I can indulge my cravings.  Two weeks ago DH said to me, “Did you see that new notebook that comes apart and the top is a tablet?”  Two days later I was saying, “Look what I got.”

I can’t help myself!  It is my one extravagance!  It’s the one thing I have to do a lot of self-talk about.  Some people travel, some are into hunting and hunting gear, and some collect antiques.  I buy tech toys!  So here is the latest toy and I am loving all 3 ½ pounds of it!  DH, not so much when I check out the weather in bed at 2:00 am.  He says the screen light bothers him.  Imagine!  Anyway, if you need a new tablet or laptop I heartily recommend the HP Envy II.  I like it better than my iPad.

I think the push at work in the last few weeks has taken a toll on all of us.  DH was napping in the recliner a lot this weekend.  I fell asleep while reading and finished the chapter two hours later.  The pups were in a chair and on the couch and both were snoring (they work hard in the office).  It must be the cooler weather.  We are having 80 during the day and 50/60 at night.  Bless you fall!

Life is good.