Friday, December 28, 2012

Whirlwind Week!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my blogging friends!!  It was a wonderful Christmas in the Comfort Zone.  We spent the morning watching the little ones open their gifts and play with each one and/or ooo and awww over them. I call the picture “Aftermath” because it looks like a Texas tornado hit DD’s living room.  The adults agreed to forego gift giving this year and give to a charity of our choice instead.  I love the fact that some very worthy groups benefited from the Christmas shopping we didn’t do:  M. D. Anderson Cancer Hospital (where a friend of ours had cancer surgery today), Wounded Warriors, Building Homes for Heroes, Toys For Tots and so on…. 

I did receive a gift that I will say without fear of contradiction is my all-time favorite gift—a quilt embroidered with DH’s and my name and anniversary surrounded by squares containing the name and birth date of all of our sons, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Every member of the family is named on a square, and when I wrap the quilt around myself I feel the love of each one of the people represented there!!  I may live with it wrapped around me!!

Also, nurse-photographer son has said for some time that I did not have a “proper” camera so the Canon S100 was in my stocking.  I love it and hope to learn to take respectable pictures with it!!

When we left DD’s house there was snow beginning to fall and by the time we arrived at home it was accumulating and finally ended at about 2 inches.
I still can’t believe it.  In Fort Worth, Texas!!  The temperatures dropped drastically over the next few hours so we snuggled up with tea and Christmas movies.  
BTW if you haven’t ever made tea with a tea press I recommend that you think about buying/trying one.  It is the best infusion of crystal clear tea I have ever had!

Well that was our day this beautiful Christmas of 2012.  The years seem to go by faster and faster, so I expect to start knitting/planning for Christmas 2013 sometime next week.  Can’t let it get ahead of me.

Life is good!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


I haven’t posted for a while and I’ve missed you all.  I have been licking my wounds—so to speak!  The knitting has gone on, however, and in a very real sense has been my salvation.  I am finished with the Christmas knitting so I am back to this:

And this:
And this:

It seems that we had a leak in both bathrooms at the same time and so called the plumber.  The same plumber we always call, except that he had a new apprentice.  The helper was a young man who seemed to know the work and made short work of the leak in the bathroom off of our bedroom.  The other, more seasoned plumber also solved the problem in the other bathroom quickly and efficiently.  DH was back and forth between the two making sure they had everything they needed and answering questions, so it is not like they were lacking for attention.

All seems nice and normal right?  It was—right up to the moment, the next day, when I discovered that I was missing jewelry.  My best jewelry except for what I was wearing which was my watch and engagement ring and wedding band.  I’m light three diamond rings and I guess it would be more except the taking of them had to be accomplished in a VERY short time.

Well friends, they were just things and my hesitancy about even filing a police report was due to that fact that the main guy has a family and it is Christmas.  Then DS#4 (the fireman) made me see that I was not doing him, his family or the company he works for a favor by not reporting his trainee!  So we did.  And then we started dealing with the questions, the detectives, the reports, more questions, and finally the insurance claim.  I am so over it all that I just want to pretend it never happened.  Nothing is worth the sick feeling I have from accusing another person of stealing from me!!!

I’m going to gather my pups into my lap and knit now.  When this little black cloud that is following me around goes away I’ll be back.  Until then I still believe that…

Life is good.