Sunday, May 24, 2015


I may have told this story (it’s hard when you write a blog not to forget and retell something) but I tell it here for a reason.  When I was in my senior year of high school they divided our English class into two parts and taught speed-reading to one section and not to the other section.  I was in the speed-reading section and DH was in the other part—w-a-y across the room (we usually sat together).  After the speed-reading course was finished they combined the class again and tested us on speed, comprehension and retention.  I was a convert and so was DH but he never quite found the time or inclination to learn the wizardry of speed-reading.  

As a result, I read three to four books a week.  (One year a book a day just to prove I could do it).  Add to this, hours of spreadsheets and computer work and numbers to the nth degree.  THEN add hours of knitting almost every evening usually while watching TV, and suddenly I can’t see anything.
These are the new glasses that will have something called PLx Cascade lenses that the eye doctor gave me until I have the cataract surgery I’ve been putting off.  She says it has to be done NOW because she can no longer see the retinal artery or the macula. I dislike changes and I don’t like the idea of someone sticking needles into my eyes! 
A few evenings ago I became so distracted by a TV program on the Parthenon that I knitted four stitch markers into the knitted fabric.  I managed to untangle them on the next row by dropping down the stitches and laddering them back up.  I was so busy undoing my mistake  that I forgot to increase and had to tink back to take care of that mistake.  Yeesh, who does that? This will be Featherweight Cardigan found on Ravelry here.

The birds are good…
The pups are good…

 Life is good!