Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fun Things

On Friday I had an afternoon to relax and take a look at where my life is at this time.  After sitting back and putting my feet up, diet Coke and knitting in hands freshly coated with my favorite lotion (Vanilla Waltz from the Tabuchi Theater in Branson), I decided that life is filled with fun things, and I plan to fully enjoy them in the days and weeks ahead.
                                                               Last of the extensions

We came out of tax season with fewer extensions to finish than ever before—which means we worked harder and later and more weekends than ever before.  Now we can enjoy the fruits of our labors! 

The Texas part of our family is traveling to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in about a month to see our grandson graduate from basic training.  The Chicago “division” will be meeting us there for a weekend of hugs and fun and celebration. 

Great-granddaughter Adelyn will be along to see Daddy graduate and the fact that she has grown from 4 to 24 in the last year promises to make it a really fun time for all of us!

I’m thinking a lot about fun recipes for the summer and while shopping today I found the sun tea jug to end all tea makers.  I’m going to have so much fun with this during the hot months, filling it with tea, lemonade, margaritas, water, sangria, water and other things. 

I stopped by the garden shop and picked up seed starting flats.  Next weekend will be all about getting dirty and sweaty while drinking sun tea from my fun jug.  Seed starting is not a dirty effort but clearing the garden where they will be planted is definitely grubby work.  I’ll turn on the misters, sit on the patio with my feet up and knit.  Then, I’ll clear the garden.  That’s where I am in my life right now—fun comes first!

These fur-babies are always fun…

Life is good.