Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm So Excited

Knitting success really excites me, but I guess that is part of what makes me a knitter.  I chose the Lion Brand Spring Ruana: ( because I love the pattern.  Then I realized that it is a big wrap and not appropriate for Texas weather or the need for a wrap when the air conditioning is on.  The Ruana is knit in three pieces, right and left sides and back.  So I have adapted the lace pattern by adding two additional 13 stitch pattern repeats to one side of the ruana to make it a wider shawl.  The thing I love most is the easy but beautiful lace design.  It is four easily memorized rows that make mindless, TV watching, audiobook listening, or office knitting a breeze.
I’m excited about my seeds arriving so I plan to make use of the current warm weather.  I just have to make sure the seedlings are protected when it falls to 30° again, and it will!  I already had seeds for tomatoes, and when I went through the new packets I realized I had ordered three kinds of hot peppers.  I must be thinking chili, salsa, tortilla soup and jalapeno cornbread a lot this summer.  

Kathyb posted a picture of her cat Tank sleeping.  Tank reminds me how much I love the way cats sleep, and I also love watching the pups sleep.  If I could get this comfortable… 
Or this relaxed…
I would be taking a nap right now.

Life is good.