Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life Gets Crazy Doesn't It?

It has been a while since I posted because once again life got in the way.  In a BIG way!  For two weeks knitting has been my only peaceful endeavor.  
I have been knitting away at the Easy Peasy Shawl and the baby blanket and trying to keep my mind off of the chaos that surrounds my home at this time.

It started with a small foundation fix and launched into a two week replacement of the entire lawn and patio in front of the house.  That’s what happens when DH gets involved and decides the front of the house needs brightening and the shrubs and plants need freshening.  
It didn’t seem too bad when they took down my ivy and uprooted plants across the front of the house.  It became tedious when they pulled out the concrete and built a new patio form, but we were able to walk around it and go about our business.  It became annoying when they poured the new concrete.  Then it rained. 
Then they poured more concrete and now, three days later, they are pouring MORE concrete.  I caved about the time I was required to go out of the back door, walk around the house, unlock the gate and walk across the street to my neighbor’s driveway to get my car.  For two weeks.  Rain or 105 degrees.
I am currently in my chair with two dogs and two knitting projects, along with a dozen movies and three audio-books.  That should hold me for a while!  I will be back.

Life is good.