Friday, November 28, 2014


This week has whooshed by and I believe at one point a whirlwind picked me up and deposited me in an alternate reality.  Was I really baking 8 dozen cookies?  Was that 22 pound turkey really in my oven?  Did I really prepare 7 side dishes in one day?  And why does a 22 lb. turkey weigh 50 pounds when you take it out of the oven for basting? Whew!  It was a beautiful Thanksgiving, and I hope each of you had the same loving, happy, laughter filled day.

I really didn’t bake 8 dozen cookies myself.  Samantha did most of the work while I supervised.  She had great ideas of what to do with a basic sugar cookie recipe and iced tons of them in her unique, artistic style.  She has pledged to help bake Christmas breads and cookies too.  I can’t wait.

As DIL Nok and I were cleaning the kitchen after Thanksgiving dinner we looked over the bar and commented on the perfect sight before us.  The family members were watching football, sleeping or...texting?

The final gotcha’ for the day was the 6 pies that materialized in the kitchen.  There were lemon meringue, chocolate, banana cream, apple, pecan and pumpkin.  You wouldn’t believe how many people tried to sample a piece of each.  No wonder they were sleeping—they couldn’t move if they tried!

Now on to Christmas.  I have a list of must do items and watch out when I have a list.  I don’t go out on Black Friday but I have been known to hit the stores the next day, which I like to call crazy-lady Saturday because you have to be crazy to go out and risk getting run over by all those people coming back from Black Friday.  DH said I need to go buy a new mop to replace my beat-up old Swiffer.  He suggested that I might check out the reduced prices on steam mops.  “Well,” I said, “I do have a coupon.”  We all know what happens when we have a discount coupon.

The pups are enjoying the cooler weather and playing in the yard.  Macy is greatly disturbed by birds mating on her patio.  What an insult!  I think I heard her mutter, “Get a room!”
 Life is good.