Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Things I Love

Caffeine free Diet Coke and Kitchenaid mixers a given, there are a lot of other things in life that I truly love and would be sad to have to live without, like…

Sweet smelling dogs.  I bathed ours just two days ago and all it took was one time out the door and they came back smelling like, well, all outdoors.  I actually saw a still wet Max rolling in the grass on heaven knows what.  So when I discovered Herban Essentials or as I call them “pup wipes,” I knew there would never be another stinky dog in the bed with me at night.  They work for cats too and I suppose things like ferrets and hamsters, if you can catch them.  Amazon—you have to try them! 

Knit Picks’ Options.  I am not usually a fan of wooden knitting needles, but they were a gift and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try them.  Oh wow, like knitting with silk.  Smooth and polished and very pointy, just the way I like my needles.  The colors are gorgeous and the cables are pliable.  The first time the cables come off and drop 300 lace stitches I reserve the right to withdraw my endorsement.

I love Texas wildflowers.  They are especially beautiful this year due to the lovely rains we have been having.  The field behind us is covered in several varieties of wildflowers and they must taste good because the horses and cows are munching them every day.  Every morning I pour a cup of tea and walk out to the patio with the dogs, and there they are waving in the breeze.  Orange, yellow, purple and blue, like an artist has slashed a paintbrush across a canvas of green.  Heavenly!

Finally, I love little dogs with big toys.  Max tries to get two of these ducks in his mouth at one time so Macy can’t get one.  Sometimes he succeeds and I wish I could get a picture of that!
Waiting for dinner.
Life is good!