Thursday, October 27, 2016

Assorted Thoughts

Stash sweater is getting there.  The fronts and the back are finished and I am casting on for the first sleeve today.  I wanted to sew the front and back together with the sewing machine as I have done in the past, but it will be faster to hand stitch the sides now and reinforce them with the machine after the sleeves are done.  I love the polished look of machine finishing.  I am going to try Nancy’s idea and do the sleeves in green with a few purple stripes just above the wrist.

Another product evaluation--since our cataract surgery Bill and I have had trouble looking at the computer screen for very long.  Our eyes would start to tear and burn.  The answer, according to my eye doctor, is blue blocker computer glasses.  I ordered them from Amazon in 1.50 power to give a little boost to our vision at the approximate 2 foot distance from eyes to screen.  I was surprised that they actually work!  No more runny, aching eyes and the screen is so clear it almost looks 3-D.  Amazing!

My sweet little Bethany decided to throw a loosely woven cardigan into the washer and then into the dryer.  It was a disaster.  She brought it to me and asked if I can fix it.  I asked, “You mean reknit it?  Sure, no problem.”  Any bets on whether I can repair this mess OR advice on how to do it?  All tips will be greatly appreciated.

Macy decided to nap with her new doughnut toy in her crate.  If she left it on the floor Max would have two doughnuts in no time, but he will not bother her toys if they are in her crate.  That’s safe haven for her and for her toys. 

Max, on the other hand, believes there is only one way to enjoy a doughnut!  He hasn’t stopped playing with it for three days.  That’s a successful toy purchase!

Life is good.