Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big and Green

What's big and green and waiting for yarn?  The Sunshine Bag from Knit Picks that's what!  I am feeling much better about my knitting drive now that I have started seeing patterns that I can't wait to knit up.  This one appears to be a serious knitting project but that does not deter me from wanting to start it right away--as soon as the grassy green yarn gets here.  I think I will leave the handles off of mine and make it a fold over clutch, but I will use bright turquoise for the lining and zipper as shown.  Don't you just love summer colors?
The hot pink cowl is coming along.  Linen stitch is not one of my favorites so the stitch pattern will be altered on the second cowl, which I plan to knit in gold, teal and brown variegated yarn. 
Also big and green is our lawn right now!  Winter has been anything but cold here in Texas and our grass got so long that it had to be mowed so we wouldn't lose a dog in it.  We usually don't have to mow until around April.  Macy and Max had small patches where they did their business and a strip they used as a path from the house to the squirrel tree.  In addition, our trees in the front are sprouting buds.  

I received a message yesterday from Journey North saying the hummingbirds are migrating north and we should put up feeders to sustain them after their long trek across the Gulf of Mexico.  I just took down the feeder about a month ago.   Are they confused?  I certainly am!  I guess winter is well and truly over before it began.  Anyway, it will be good to see the little guys (and gals) again and fill their tummies with sweet juice to help them on their way. 

Macy says, "Please feed the Hummies!"

Life is good!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Again

What has happened to us--people in general?  Three people (two clients and a service rep) missed appointments with us last Friday.  Just didn't show up or call!!  Then, as so often happens, they all showed up this morning within an hour of each other again without calling.  What is that???  I have to admit that when it happens I am not inclined to discount any of our fees.  I also admit that the calm, rational peacemaker in me disappears and it takes a lot to not say an angry word during our meeting.  Rant over!
The red sockies are finished.  Actually I am wearing them this morning.  It's a good thing I am wearing comfy socks, jeans, sweater and have my big shawl to throw around me to soothe, as well as my knitting to keep me calm.  I have started the cowl in hot pink and another in gold variegated Avery Allison yarn.  I also started these dark green socks with red, blue and yellow flecks.  They are superwash wool and will be a gift for I-don't-know-who for Christmas.  I guess I should figure out who so I know how long to make them!

With everything that is going on I am most happy about the fact that I am knitting, and finishing, and wanting to knit more.  I don't like times of knitting malaise when I can't seem to pick up the needles without feeling bored or disinterested.  That scares me!  If I don't knit then who am I?

Before I go I will share our breakfast visitor with you.  (Not the best picture but this little guy moves fast).  I give you Mr. Chickadee....
Life is good.