Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Swap

Sarah of Enjoying Daily Life(Formerly Life & Knitting) was my swap buddy in Kathyb's recent swap.  Wow did I receive a wonderful swap package!  I missed pictures of the patterns (wonderful shawl and socks) because I was fighting with a new camera, but succeeded in getting photos of the alpaca sock yarn and goodies such as Avon lotion in a yummy cucumber scent and bright, colorful stitch markers.  Thanks Sarah for a the swap goodies and thank you Kathy for another great swap--quick and easy and oh so much fun!!

Speaking of missed pictures, I would take a picture of the new camera if I had the old camera.  Nurse/photographer son is in charge of family cameras and we all frequently get our camera swapped out for a new model, either for review for a local camera shop or to keep.  It has been a while since I had a new one passed to me so I think it was my turn.  It is a 12mp Kodak with more bells and whistles than I will ever need.  I have to admit that the cute little beep, beep, beep that told me to take the picture certainly knew what it was talking about.  As I learn to use it maybe you can all tell me if you think the photos are any better.

Powerful good thoughts and prayers are needed for granddaughter #3 who is going back to surgery tomorrow.  I'm told that surgical intervention for endometriosis and ovarian cysts is only done if all other methods have failed, especially for one so young!  I will be happy when this is over and done and she is back home resting comfortably.  Please send out your good thoughts and prayers for her.  She is a strong girl but is wearing down after all she has been through!
 Macy and Max are at loose ends and acting as if they know something is up.  
Our fur friends always react to our stress levels.  They will not be happy to be left tomorrow, and Max is going to be wondering why he doesn't go home during the next week.  Must take extra special good care of them too!  And us!!

Life is good whatever comes our way.