Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Moving Along

The second sleeve of the stash sweater finished.  This whole sweater has taken longer than I hoped, but I did stop several times along the knitting way to do other things like fix the sweater that Bethany washed and nearly ruined in the machine.  Believe it or not I did a pretty good job of re-knitting the neck using washable Lion Brand Amazing (53% wool).  She whisked it away so fast I didn’t get a picture of it.  I will do so the first time I see her wearing it.
You all know that I am a kitchen fanatic.  I love my kitchen gadgets and appliances, and use them daily.  I was thinking that fresh baked bread is a good addition to the Thanksgiving menu but it is also time consuming   I solved the problem by buying a bread machine and immediately making a loaf using a bread machine mix.  It was wonderful but it was a mix and that’s no fun!
Today I made a loaf from scratch and I can’t believe how fast it was or how good it is.  Throw the ingredients into the machine, turn it on and walk away.  Three hours later I turned out a perfect loaf of country white bread without having done any mixing, kneading and rising.  I’m in hog heaven!!  I’ve already had requests for pumpkin bread, brioche and rye bread.

This is 2015 Thanksgiving dinner.  We’re moving along toward the big day 2016 so the menu is being planned.  I usually do all the cooking myself with the help of granddaughter Samantha when she is home from school.  This year it is going to be me alone.  So sad!!!
I’ll share the menu in the next post but you can be sure it will include fresh baked bread and pomegranate/orange glazed brussel sprouts.  Thanksgiving this year will be on Saturday November 26, due to wonky schedules, but when it happens there will be a full table and 12 filled chairs!
Max and Macy have taken up turboing at bedtime.  I don’t know what has gotten into them.  I do know that Max wouldn’t think of streaking flat out through the house if Macy didn’t spur him on (he is the brown blur at the left).  Must be the cooler weather.

Life is good.