Monday, September 28, 2015

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

There are a bunch of things I want to share today.  There’s the wedding, 
the great-grandkids, and of course the knitting.

Once again, I wish I could say that the baby blanket is moving along a quickly as I would like.  It is s—l—o—w!!  After 7 repeats I have memorized the 12 row pattern but that doesn’t seem to make it faster.  I’m using Addi Turbo Rocket needles and still, slow.  I am trying to stay positive about the project, reminding myself that I haven’t made any mistakes, I still have until November, it really is a very easy knit, and other such positive reinforcements.  

Great Grandchildren!!  Let me tell you nothing is better!  
I’ve earned the title great-grandmother the hard way.  I sat up many nights with sick grandchildren, taken them to doctors, picked them up from school, been chosen to speak to their history class because I am the oldest person they could think of (which qualifies me to know a lot about ancient history).  I have played 10,000 games of Candyland and Connect 4 with them and have taken a refresher course in algebra and geometry.  Trust me there are no two more popular people in the world than both regular and great grandma and grandpa.  I have occasionally posted pictures of the grandchildren but I am going to post all of the “greats” at once because I have earned the right to do so and because they are precious cute.
                                                Beautiful Miss Adelyn Sweetpea (5)
                                              Bryce Robertson(2) and Paige Noelle (3 mos.)
                                              1 year-old diva Miss Harlowe Carolyn

Finally, I would like to share a tribute today to a wonderful lady who left her family last night.  Our granddaughter’s almost fiancĂ© (they are very close to the landmark event) lost his dear mother after a short battle with a cancerous brain tumor.   Last year I knitted a baby blanket for her daughter just because I wanted to.

She was so thrilled and appreciative that she sent me a gift card which I used to buy the Knit Picks Options needles I had wanted for some time.  I love and use the needles constantly and will always think of her each time I knit with them.  Please pray for and send positive vibes out for the family of Joyce Heggie.  She was a kind and loving person and will be missed.

Pups are watching each other’s backs….

Life is blessedly good.