Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quick Like A Bunny....

Don’t you just love projects that knit-up so fast that you want to knit another one as soon as you finish. I just finished one of those. It’s a little blue cap to warm my bare head. I have peach fuzz growing, but I think it will be a long time before I go out without either a scarf, hat or wig. This little cap took all of six hours—and I’m a slow knitter. I found the pattern here, and it’s free. I have several friends who are just starting chemo, and lots of left over sock yarn to knit colorful caps. Life is good!

I am also knitting socks with yarn a friend told me about. This is great yarn, running a close second to Blue Moon’s STR—actually a lot like STR at a comparable price. It’s Lace Wing Sock yarn, Super Wash Merino Fly Dyed Monarch yarn. I ordered Violet and Nasturtium, and though the colors are a little bit off from what I was seeing on my monitor, they are still gorgeous. I am using size #2 needles with good results, but a problem has arisen. I am using a neat little twisted rib down each side of the sock, and I must have gone to sleep during three or four of the twists and ribs, because they are a little off kilter. I have the leg seven inches long now—am I going to frog it? I don’t think so. Who is going to notice it under my jeans anyway? I’ll try to do better with the second sock. Just keep on knitting!

Friday, September 15, 2006

I Kip, You Kip, We all Kip....

It took me weeks to decide between the Jordana Paige knitting bag, which is gorgeous, and the Knit Picks KIP (Knit In Public) bags. Then I had a dream of taking my shawl out of the bag and putting in my sock project; then taking the socks out and putting in the scarf project; then taking out the scarf…well, you get the idea. Five bags for the price of one—that sort of answers the question. So I bought the KIP bags and after arranging each with a project and realizing that the “purse” bag fits inside of each of the other bags, as well as clips to the outside, I knew I had hit a home run! Now I grab the project that I want to carry with me, already nestled within the appropriate bag, slip in my purse bag, and off I go. I’m not so thrilled with clipping the bags together, or the purse to the outside of a larger bag, but it’s a nice concept, and I might use it on some occasion. But the bags—ahhh the BAGS—they are roomy, have tons of little pockets (and big pockets) inside each one, and a utility bag for all those little knitting accoutrements we must also carry. There is also a chart holder to match, which doesn’t come with the bags, but is worth the $10. One last very neat thing, the big one is a great overnight bag, as I discovered when DD grabbed it to pack some things to bring to me in the hospital. She had a bunch of stuff in that bag, and it would have held more.

On the knitting front, I am about to finish DD’s “blob” skinny scarf (as they say in Texas, “fixin’ to finish”), and I am so pleased with it. It is surely one of the prettiest things I have ever done. It looks like it has small roses blooming all over it. The Canadian stash is turning out to be as exciting as I thought it would be! I am also working on a pair of pink Cascade socks for DDIL (darling daughter-in-law). Her tiny little Asian feet make for a fast knit sock, although, I must confess to not enjoying the Cascade. It will never be one of my favorite yarns.

So, I think things are getting back to normal around here. I’m doing more, feeling stronger, knitting more, and definitely enjoying life more. It doesn’t get better than that!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yarn From Over Yonder

Here is my Canadian stash. Look at all the wonderful stuff DD brought to me from Canada. Why is it that ordinary yarn you could buy right here in the good old US of A, seems so much more exciting when it comes from another country? I dumped this bag out on the table and instantly realized that there are lots of good knitting projects in there. There are camouflage hats, an interesting scarf for DD from the royal blue with pink, gold and green slubs, and then there is one of Annie Modesitt's gorgeous corsets in the mix—the mint green silk blend, which I think I will edge with an eggplant color. Perfect for one of my girls for spring! Isn’t it fun to look at yarn and know what it is crying out to be?

I think the excitement of pawing through a big bag of gift yarn is that there are so many skeins that I would never buy myself. I’m a very practical yarn buyer—Blue Moon STR for socks, wool or cashmere blends for sweaters, sport weight wools for scarves, etc. Most of the time, like other knitters/artists, I have a good eye for color, and the ability to choose the right yarn for a particular project. Oh wait a minute, at least a dozen gone astray, totally wrong, what-was-I-thinking projects that were thrown into a basket and never touched again, just came to mind. Anyway, it is pleasant to find myself with a pile of yarn that stretches my mind and soul to choose the right project for the yarn instead. Knitting in the months ahead is going to be great fun! I hope the same for all of you.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Thank You, Thank You

Let me begin with a special thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, with cheers, good wishes, and kind thoughts, especially Stingdragon, who offered good advice on not lifting anything heavy. I was told when I left the hospital that I should not lift anything heavier than a gallon jug of milk. I couldn’t even guess how hard that would be! Everything is heavier than a gallon of milk—my 12 pound dog who comes in from the rain with wet feet; laundry detergent sitting on the floor by the washer; my purse, yes we even had to weigh my purse because I generally carry more than 5 pounds in it. What do you take out of your purse so you can carry it? I need it all!
In addition, a big thank you to my Sockapaloooza pal who sent these beautiful beaded socks with get-well wishes. Ina, you are an angel! She also sent a potato, leek soup mix—our dinner tonight as it happens. I can’t wait to dip a spoon into that yummy mixture. Thanks Ina for the warm feet and thoughts.

I am finally down to the toe on the second STR Lemongrass sock. DD will be able to wear them to work tomorrow. I’ll take a pic in a couple days, as soon as I figure out the problem with Kodak Easy Share. It just decided to stop working on my computer. It does, however, like my DH’s computer, so I have to download pictures there and put them on a CD. Whatever it takes!