Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Slow Going

My work life moves in fast forward this time of year, however, my home life moves in slow motion.  When I leave my desk for the day I can immediately begin to feel my body slowing down.  By the time I am ready to sit and knit, I feel like I am crawling across the floor to get to my chair. 

To keep myself from going bonkers during the first months of the year I try to stay healthy and do important things like eat right, keep the juicing going, and do yoga.  Now I have become a connoisseur of smoothies.  I love a smoothie lunch that I can sip for an hour or more but they are far away in terms of go-get-it.  They are also v-e-r-y expensive!  Well, you all know how much I love my tech toys and kitchen tools so I bought this…

to indulge my smoothie addiction.  I can definitely say the Ninja is fantastic!!  It is not just for smoothies though.  So far I have used it for black bean soup, corn chowder, biscuits and pizza dough.  The next time you need a food processor/blender try the Ninja.

I think I have found out why I am not getting any socks finished…

Do you think I have a few too many projects going?  I am working on finishing the blue socks with the lime green heels and toes and will go on from there.  I will finish!

This little Woodpecker has been visiting to peck at the suet.  I think this is a female Downy Woodpecker.

My babies have been hunting during the warmer days we have been having (80 degrees today).  They caught a squirrel but let it go.  I don’t know what the catch and release thing is about or maybe they are just off their game and need more practice.  They don’t get a lot of practice when they are sleeping in my lap while I knit

but they are expert sleepers!

Life is good.