Monday, January 05, 2009


My Mother used to call an assortment of unrelated things a “mishmash.” That’s as good a word as any for this post.
Scarves are “where it’s at” at the moment, and since I have two finished, two started and the infamous prayer shawl still waiting in the wings I am well on my way to making this The Year Of The Scarf!

The Noro Silk Garden scarf is a variation on the oh-so popular scarf being made in droves by the knitting community. I, however, have not included the k1, p1 rib in the body, opting to do straight stockinette between borders of seed stitch. It’s turning out beautifully which is saying a lot because I dislike knitting with Silk Garden! Love the colors though!

The white cashmere scarf in an ingenious pattern that knits up fast, and is mindless knitting great for TV watching!

Here is one of my favorite Christmas gifts. It’s from dear DIL#1 in Chicago who knows how much I love/adore THE CUBS. This is a night light that stays plugged in and turned on in the living room. Friends and family who visit and see it (knowing how much I love/adore THE CUBS) just laugh and shake their heads.
Finally, Macy waiting for me, like one dog waits for another, under Mom’s blanky. Life is good!


Kathy said...

OH thank goodness you didnt skip a beat. I would have really missed you. Love the CUBBIE night light. Fantastic. Now that we have lights at Wrigely I approve. I love me a night game

kathy b said...

HEY I AM LEAVING YOU ANOTHER COMMENT ONLY 3 years later...amazing. See you here tomorrow!