Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Go Bears!

The first Bears hat (on the left) followed the pattern to the letter but is W-A-Y-Y-Y too big.  So, after starting over with a different result in mind I like it better!  The first time around I made the navy edge double thickness for warmth.  This time I knit the navy section longer so the edge can be doubled over for warmth—or not.  Much better hat all around!  I also finished GD#3’s navy headband.  Forgive the blurred photo but Big Bear wanted to model and I couldn’t get him to sit still!
I admit it, I am still a Bears lover, and a Cubbies lover but don’t get me started on baseball.  The Bears are one of a few classy teams in a world of seemingly troubled football teams!!  I live in Texas and LOVE Texas, but you couldn’t sell me the Cowboys for two cents.  And look what the Jets have done to themselves.  They are determined not to play Tebow for whatever reason, but in the process have maimed and generally mutilated the Jets team.  People, I tell you this is not Joe Namath’s Jets anymore!  WOW I think I’ve been watching too much football while knitting.  Back to the audiobooks for me!
My last post was about happy discoveries and another one popped up this week.  I have had serious trouble with dry lips this fall and have tried so many things to make it better that I didn’t have hope of it ever going away.  I thought my lips were going to dry up and flake away.  Then I discovered Revlon’s Lip Butter—pretty soft colors in a creamy, softening, buttery lipstick.  All I can say is that it works.  It may not stay as well as some more drying lipsticks, but reapplying it during the day is a joy and a comfort.  I love happy discoveries!

Max is singing his Christmas songs:
Macy is chasing Christmas squirrels:
And all is right with the Christmas world.
Life is good!


Nancy said...

Bear is a great model for the headband.

My lips have been chapped this winter, too. I use Vaseline on mine.

kathy b said...

DA bears Hats are awesome Katherine!!!!

I have to try that lip treatment and it might make me look more lovely at the same time !!! Love the tip

SissySees said...

What a great post! Love the hats, want to try the lip butter, and of course, the pups are precious. I don't really watch pro football anymore... sounds as though I'm not missing much.

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