Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On Being Churlish

My mother used to say to me, “Don’t be churlish.”  What a great word, spanning everything from grumpy to rude and impolite.  Another word she would use was truculent (you can tell the kind of teenager I was).  Anyway, I am feeling ever so slightly churlish today.

My hands and arms are hurting.  I have never had this problem before and I don’t know what is causing it but I hate it.  I have tried to be sympathetic when other knitters talked about aching hands, wrists and arms, but now I understand completely.  I am not knitting anything unusual, and I am not crocheting which will definitely make my wrists hurt.  Just straight old knitting.  It ticks me off!!  If the weather is causing this it better straighten up fast!!  How’s that for churlish?

Speaking of knitting, for the sake of maintaining my non-monogamous knitter status I have started another fingerless mitt.  I’m making those mitts that have the little finger covers attached that turn them into mittens.  Wish me luck because I am making it up as I go along, using my own currently nonexistent pattern.  I figure that I know how to knit a fingerless mitt, and I know how to pick up stitches and knit a sock toe cup.  The rest I’ll figure out as I knit.

I’ve been chopping a lot of herbs from the garden.  We have harvested two jalapenos and there are blooms on the watermelon, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.  I can’t wait!!

I mentioned that Macy turned 11 and that she is the healthiest pup around.  Well, I must issue a qualification to that statement—she is acting strangely in her old age!  We noticed that lately Max has started “talking” to us, one on one.  Max is a very vocal dog and delights in carrying on complete conversations with us.  I’ve mentioned that he even prays with DH when he says grace at dinner, adding a “shoosh” at the end which we take to mean Amen.  We were mystified by this latest chattiness, and started asking, “do you want to go out,” “is your water dish empty,” or just getting up to see what he wants.  It turns out that every time he wants us to let Macy out, fill her water dish, get her a treat, move something out of a chair so she can nap in it, etc. When we added that revelation to the fact that we frequently see her nose to nose with him as if she is talking about the price of dog food in China, we have decided that she has hired him as her personal aide and WE are paying his salary!


Nancy said...

What a sweet story about Max. I had a sheep dog, named Pepper, who "talked." Such wonderful memories.

Have you been lifting unusually heavy things lately? That may be the cause of the hand/wrist pain. That's what happened to me last week. I wore a stress relief (crafting glove) for part of the day, and it quickly improved.

SissySees said...

I love it!! Mugsy was highly vocal until Fred came along, and then Fred Basset talked enough for five dogs, so Mugsy only yelled if I was on the phone and not throwing the ball for him. Now though, both of our girls are vocal. Sissy was especially so last night.

Hope your hands/wrists feel better soon.

kathy b said...

Oh boy . I have so much to say to this post! Chatty Kathy. that's what they called me growing up.

First, your poor hands. I Hate when that happens to me. I saw a glove at Joann Fabrics just yesterday for sore hands while knitting. GO GET One.

Just take the day off and pick patterns for the day instead of knitting. Ice the joints. Take 600 mg of advil Dont fret. It will pass.

Okay In the first pup picture it looks like the sweet girl is pooping out a toy......
hee hee. Rozzy got very verbal when she needed thyroid med. Have you checked her thyroid? Now she is just plain senile and taking SENELIFE supplements to no avail.

WOW I wonder if all this will go into one comment...