Saturday, September 07, 2013

So Good To Be Back

Hello knitting/blogging friends.  I’ve missed you all so much.  Even though the work projects have not ended I need to clear my head and get back to normal a bit!  You can see that I am running two computers in an effort to clear my desk.  The Where’s Waldo wand on the laptop is my way of maintaining my sanity during phone calls and thinking through accounting problems.  Waldo is in there among the glitter and I find him once or twice a month.  (My Waldo wand is the thing that disappears from my desk most often).  Anyway, things are winding down to the point that I can think about other things and the first thing that popped into my mind was blog posting!
I am still knitting fingerless gloves/mitts for Christmas gifts and working on the garter stitch afghan (off and on).  I discovered that if I knit Continental style it does not hurt my arm.  I have no problem with Continental when I knit, but when I purl it’s another story.  I keep practicing and am sure I will get the knack eventually. 
BTW:  an MRI shows a torn rotator cuff but I have chosen not to have surgery.  I’m going to try therapy and exercise.  We’ll see and I’ll keep you posted!

The garden is flourishing but no veggies!  The tomato plants are huge and the cucumber vine is growing all over the yard and storage shed, but no tomatoes or cucumbers.  The only thing that is producing are the jalapeno plants and the herb garden.  We have tons of jalapenos and have shared them with the whole neighborhood and all of the family.  I don’t understand it—if the herbs and jalapenos produce why won’t the rest of the plants in the same garden?

Macy and Max have been telling me that my blog posts are the only way they can get their activities out there.  They have been talking about hiring someone to write a blog just about them but I think I have them talked out of it with a promise to take lots of pictures and share their shenanigans.  The problem is, cute as they are it is too hot for them to do anything energetic or half-way interesting.

Max says, “It’s hot!  Let me in!!”

Macy says, “Wait for me.  And fix my ear!”
Next time—pictures of swap goodies.  Best. Swap. Ever!

Life is good!!


SissySees said...

Welcome back, friend! I'm glad life is easing up a bit for you.

Those pups sure are cute... even hot with Macy's ear flipped the wrong way.

Nancy said...

Hey, good to see a post from Comfort Zone!

I used to keep "toys" on my desk for a distract, too. Often, my students loved them as much as I did, and sometimes had to search for my favorites around the classroom.

I hope the therapy works so you can avoid surgery. Knitting should be part of that therapy.

Max and Macy are adorable - give them a scritch from me.

kathy b said...

WELCOME Back Ive missed you !!!! Your fingerless gift pile is growing and its wonderful. We are both potato chip knitters!!!

THe pups have been sorely missed.

I love the day to day sharing we do on our little blogs. It interests me so very much and It is such a small joy in my day!!