Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Down The Rabbit Hole

Yes, I do feel like I fell down the Rabbit Hole almost two months ago.  So much has happened since that day (December 19th).  I’m told that the rest of the world celebrated Christmas and the New Year, but in my dream state I missed the whole thing.  No gathering with the family, no family dinners or gifts around the Christmas tree.  No Christmas tree!  It was surreal.

During DH’s time of many tests and many doctor’s visits our granddaughter ended up back in the hospital for the fourth time in 2013 and even spent Christmas there.  This time her stay was for nearly three weeks, and all the while we were dealing with the threat of the “Big C.”  Several times during those days and weeks I am certain I saw the Cheshire Cat grinning over the shoulder of this radiologist or that doctor saying, “Life is what you make of it.  What do you want it to be?”  We decided we wanted it to be normal again and we are well on the way to accomplishing that miracle.

Speaking of granddaughter, after years of testing and surgeries and more testing, there is hope!!  She turned 18 and the children’s hospital that had been treating her and failing miserably (did I say that out loud?) suggested she be taken to a doctor who treats adults.  Mom and Dad didn’t have to be told twice.  Her new doctor took one look at her and said, “I think I know what we are dealing with.”  After some testing and a consultation with an endocrinologist the verdict came back Addison’s Disease.  They started her on a treatment of cortisone and hormones the same day and two days later it was like she had awakened from a two year nightmare.  She felt better and slept through the night and didn’t have any abdominal pain.  AMAZING and proof, once again, that we must always get a second opinion.

Through all of this I have been knitting for my sanity.  DIL in Chicago asked for a sweater vest so I grabbed some dark teal Simply Soft and started.  She is of small build so it shouldn’t take long to knit.  I have also devoted a lot of time to my Malabrigo prayer shawl.
Unfortunately, the only pictures I have of both projects are from early stages.  More to come!

I know I have thanked my blogging buddies individually for all of the prayers and good thoughts.  Now that we have been rescued from the rabbit hole and are on the road to recovery times two, I must tell you that your prayers and healing wishes made ALL the difference!

The pups also say thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.  They have been feeling the stress and craziness along with us, but understanding escapes them so they do annoying little things like leave me a big wet spot on my new quilt and duvet.  Neither of those dogs would wet in the house on a bet, but the evidence is in the washer as I write.  I love the little stinkers!

Life is good.


SissySees said...

I can only imagine how you feel; I misted up reading about the diagnosis and improvement in your beautiful grandgirl! Hooray!

Your knitting is beautiful - as always, and those pups always make me smile.

Hugs and prayers from me, licks and love from the furgirls.

Nancy said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy that you found the rabbit hole exit, and praying for a smooth road ahead for your husband and granddaughter.

Love the faces of your sweet pups.

Take care of yourself and may your knitting continue to provide an outlet as well as a means for sanity.

kathy b said...

SAMANTHA is so pretty!
addison's okay then! On with the treatment and on with the good life!

I love the vest…are you using a pattern????

So happy you are getting back to a normal. I've miss ed your posts and your commentary on life!