Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Call Me....

Things are moving along but most of the (extended) avalanche of tax returns are still to hit.  Various things pop into my mind as I go through the day, like names.  Yesterday I was reminded that through my life I have answered to four different names.  The name on my birth certificate is Katherine, but when I was two days old my Dad decided that was too big a name for such a tiny baby so he named me Kitty.  Teachers took exception to such an “impertinent” name and called me Kathy.  To friends and family I have always been Kitty, to business associates I am Katherine, and to a few past employers I have been Kat.

I am bothered by all of this because a client said to me yesterday, “Kitty, uh Katherine, uh…” then looked embarrassed, and I said “Kitty is fine” because I didn’t want him to feel that I was being distant or detached by saying “Katherine.”  So who am I really?  I feel like I am Kitty but I love it when people call me Katherine, but I wonder when I get to Heaven will I be met by “Welcome Katherine” or by “Hello Kitty.”  Or—maybe my REAL name is Gloria and I just don’t know it.  (BTW, the phone decoration is a gift from a client who delights in saying, “Hello Kitty?” when she calls).
Whoever I am, I sometimes have a problem with project growth.  I knit, and knit, and knit and the project doesn’t get any longer or any closer to completion.  The half-Spring Ruana shawl gets my knitting attention at least 3 hours a day but I wonder if knitting is a little slower during tax season due to the high stress level during the day, but this slow is unbelievable!  Does this ever happen to you?
We are seeing the first Hummingbirds of spring and they are hungry.
The little guy on the wire is sitting in the rain.
Max and Macy are unmotivated by spring or anything else except food and snacks. 

Max is asking for a snack.

Life is good.



kathy b said...

I LOVE your knitting. It may be a slow grow for you, but it is so darn lovely. I adore the colors and it works so well with that pattern. OMG IN love.

Kitty? That's so sweet! i love your Hello Kitty cover.

THe pups are adorns as usual.

How do you get anything done at tax time. YOu are a wonder my friend! Kitty…Katherine. Kitty Kath

SissySees said...

What do you call yourself when you talk to the lady in the mirror? That might not be helpful, because I call myself Dorothy, Channon and I'm secretly rather fond of the Chananagan the guys at work have come up with.

I haven't knitted a stitch in two weeks. I'm amazed and impressed. Those pups sure are cute!

Nancy said...

My brothers always called me Nanc. I can't stand for anyone else to call me that.

You will always be Katherine to me.

Love the sweet faces of your pups, and your knitting is gorgeous. I clip a remove able stitch marker on my knitting to help motivate me during each setting. It may not seem like I accomplish much but the marker shows that I really did.