Monday, May 19, 2014

Summertime Report

I think I have the summertime blues because I’m falling behind in almost everything.  Summer usually signals a slow down as the weathers gets warmer and we begin to hear the word “vacation” bandied about, but  I think I may be a little slower than usual this summer.

Mother’s Day was beautiful with the whole family gathered around.  It is party time for me any time there are balloons and flowers!  Dear granddaughter Sam gave me a card that brought tears to my eyes.  While she is healing from her long illness and beginning to reclaim her life, she is taking time to define and recognize the care and help her family and friends gave to her during the last year and a half.  She is an amazing young woman and my hero.  I don’t think I could have gotten through all that she has with such grace and peace.

Our nurse/photographer son took a birding trip to Port Aransas and loaded up with pictures of amazing birds and wildlife.  He gave me this photo for Mother’s Day and I plan to frame it and hang it over my desk.  Do you think clients will get the message?  Did you see the second gator at first glance?  Tip: that’s not a black rock! 

I’m running behind in the knitting category because I keep getting sidetracked by oddball projects that call out to me and will not let me continue the project currently in the works.  Don’t you hate it when a pattern or yarn grabs you and will not let go?  I have been caught up by the Split Personality scarf pattern and loads of Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton in the cherry and raven colors.
I have to finish this quickly and get started on baby blankets for the two new babies—granddaughter’s new niece/nephew and our new g-grandbaby, both due in August.
I’m in the perfect position for all that knitting but from the amount of fur on that carpet you can tell that I’m behind in my vacuuming too!
Life is good.



Nancy said...

I indeed thought it was a black rock - I wouldn't survive a day in the wild!

Glad to hear that Samantha is doing well.

kathy b said...

You are such a stunning beauty Katherine. Hooray for Samantha. !!!! Those crocs are scary creatures~!

I love the scarf you are knitting. Don't' worry about your knitting; just keep having fun.

SissySees said...

I bet Samantha got her poise, kindness and steel from her grandmother - and her beauty too!!

I didn't see the second croc or the dog hair. ;)