Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought that my forgetfulness is a good thing?  Scientists now think that it only appears that older people think more slowly as they age.  It’s because they know so much and their brains are swamped with information, much like a full hard drive on a computer.  It just takes them a little longer to locate the information in their data banks.  I’ll buy that!!

Who would have thought that a complete stranger in a market would make a big difference in my life?  You may know that I have a screw and two pins in my right ankle from a snow-over-ice accident when we lived in Chicago.  DH and I were at Whole Foods about a week ago and I was sitting on a bench rubbing my sore ankle which was reacting to the rain we’ve been having.  A sweet older lady (I say that tongue in cheek because she was only slightly older than I am) sat beside me and told me about Blue Stop.  She said, “You need it.”  I got it.  It is wonderful!  I can’t believe that I can rub a baby blue lotion on an ache or pain and it goes away immediately.  There is a pleasant peppermint scent at first but it goes away within minutes.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Who would have thought anyone would ever say that I knit fast?  I was in the waiting room of the doctor’s office knitting the baby blanket.  The pretty lady across from me said, “You really knit fast.”  I was so surprised that I looked around to see if there was someone else in the room who was knitting.  Nope, just me.  I chuckled and said, “Not nearly fast enough.  I’m running behind on this blanket and the baby isn’t going to wait.”  She continued by telling me that she uses the throw method and has always felt that it slows her down.  It occurred to me that about six months ago when I had problems with my shoulder and arm, I switched from English Throw to Continental knitting.  I had been a life-long thrower and it was a long, involved learning process, but now I wonder if it contributed to a faster knitting pace.  Maybe?

Another thing I never considered my knitting to be—fancy….



Nancy said...

I'll look for Blue Stop, thanks!

Love the cartoon AND the baby blanket. Please share some details on the lace panel.

kathy b said...

Oh BLue Stop is now on my shopping list.

LOVE your baby blanket. I throw and I pick….I change it up.

Hee hee go pro knitting….I think that would be fascinating!

SissySees said...

Blue Stop will be coming here too.

I am a picker. No throwing here!

The baby shower is next weekend. I have 6 more inches to go, plus the trim. I think I won't be done...

Love the full hard drive analogy!