Monday, July 07, 2014

It's A Wonderful World

The baby blanket is finished.  Hooray!!!  Now on to my easy-peasy shawl in Noro (not my favorite but it makes a beautiful shawl).
Mr. Max had his annual checkup and shots at the vets office.  He is a healthy boy for which we are very thankful.  Of course Macy went along because the two are never separated.  Bad things happen when we take one away without the other.  Both of them protest in most unpleasant ways.  The tree man who was trimming our trees last week described them perfectly.  Pointing at Macy he said, “That one wants to play.”  Then pointing to Max, “That one wants to kill!”  

You can tell from their pictures that they are both small dogs, but Max is the defender of all things “his.”  And, all things are his.  His house, his yard, his sister (Macy), his people, the whole world is his!  He is our protector—all big mouth and very little desire to bite.

Christmas is only six months away and I have been enjoying Amazon Prime’s Deal of the Day.  Every day I get popups on my Kindle telling me about great bargains, some at amazingly low prices.  When there is one that suits a family member I buy it and put it in a big box in the office (where no one will see it) for a Christmas gift.  We have been doing gift free/donate to charity Holidays for a couple of years now, but mom/grandma gets to shop and gift because I am the, well, mom/grandma. 

One of my favorite gifts is the annual cosmetic bag with odd little makeup gadgets and colors that the ladies wouldn’t try if I didn’t foist them off on the group like this chubby lipstick and the wedge shaped eyebrow brush. 
After last Christmas each of the female family members came to me at varying times and said their favorite gift was Rosy Lips.  They also suggested that I can give them a pot of it anytime I want.
This year I plan to give them each something that young women seem to know nothing about…lipstick brushes.  They don’t yet know that they need them.

Every wonderful world needs yarn orders.  My latest from Knit Picks is for future shawls.  The turquoise is a cashmere blend and so soft I can’t wait to use it.  Right now the project of the moment is my own easy-peasy shawl.  It is knit lengthwise on 250 stitches with each odd row being k1, k2tog, yo to end, k1; followed by a row of k1, sl1-k1 -psso, yo to end, k1.  Even-numbered rows are knit or purl your choice.  Easy-peasy!

Life is good.



Nancy said...

The blanket is cute as can be - the pattern and the yarn!

I've never heard of or even seen "Rosy Lips" so now I'm curious and will be on the hunt.

Max and Macy are adorable and must bring you great joy.

kathy b said...

Aww I like your rule bending Katherine!

I love the aqua/torqoise yarn on the docket. i also LOVE a pattern that is summarized in a few sentences. you know I have to try that one!
I frogged my recent attempt.

Glad the pups are fine. You've had enough health hoopla for all the family this year.

SissySees said...

You are so much fun!! I love brushes, but almost never wear anything other than tinted lip balm. Is there hope for me?

Your pups are so lovely to look at, and it warms my heart that another pair cannot stand to be apart. The girls were separated Wednesday for Gg's vet visit, and my high school friend (the new to us vet) chided me and informed me NEVER to leave one girl behind; EVERYONE there considers pets family and ... yeah. Great situation!

Love the blankie too. I hate knitting WITH Noro, but the results are worth it. Can't wait to see!