Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Oops

I made a big mistake with the Easy Peasy Shawl—it is more a scarf than a shawl.  The mistake was in misjudging the amount of Noro Silk Garden I had in stash, and in believing that the four skeins I had in my hands would be enough.  Word to the wise knitter—it is NOT enough when the shawl is 70 inches long and you are knitting with size 10.5 needles.
When I discovered the discrepancy I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I’ve mentioned several times how much I hate to knit with Noro so not having to knit dozens more rows of 250 stitches made me dance with joy.  On the other hand, I dislike starting a project and not achieving my vision for it.  The finished product and my final decision to knit the ends together into a long cowl made me see the light.  It turned out beautifully and will be something I can either gift or wear with pleasure.  Good things come to those who refuse to knit with Noro.
Baby blankie is coming along.  I am on the down-hill slope and enjoying the decreasing with every row.  This is me, trying to finish before baby girl arrives. 
I try to hit Little Knits sales several times a year.  That is when I score most of my Malabrigo.  This time I fell in love with Berrocco sparkly sock yarn so I ordered a whole bag of it.  The project ideas are swirling around in my mind—sweater, socks, the diagonal cowl I have already started, and so much more.  Maybe I need to order another bag of it.  Can you see the sparkle?

The pups are lethargic during the summer months.  I worry about them being sick when they drape themselves over the furniture and stare into space.  It’s too hot for them to even bark at the garbage man.  Is that why they call these the “dog days of summer?”

Life is good.



SissySees said...

The Noro project is beautiful, even if it didn't grow as intended. I do see a bit of sparkle. Isn't it fun!?

My pups are not lethargic, but then we're having one of the coolest summers I can recall.

Nancy said...

I love your Big Oops! You are going to enjoy wearing it.

I haven't seen the sparkle yarn in this area. I need to be more watchful the next time I go to a yarn shop.

kathy b said...

OH i love the baby blanket Katherine. Nice Shot!!!
Great knit