Thursday, September 04, 2014

I Can't Believe It

I can’t believe it:
There is a complete absence of photos of THE baby blanket.  It was finished on time.  It washed and blocked to beautiful pink perfection.  It was wrapped in pink tissue and put into a girly gift bag and mailed.  I was in a hurry because the last of the pink themed showers will be this Sunday.  I never even thought about it until DH came back from the post office and asked, “You did take pictures of it didn’t you?”

The recent root canal finally received the permanent crown last Friday.  The doctor’s new dental assistant reached into my mouth with clampy/pliers type thingies and grabbed the temporary crown and pulled.  When I yelled “Ouch!  That hurt!” the doctor came running into the room and said a few words about the sensitivity of teeth having recent root canal surgery, after which he popped the temporary off and cemented on the new crown.  Should I be surprised that the tooth is still sensitive?  I can’t believe it! 
Did you know that a new house can be built in four to six months but it takes eight to ten months to rebuild a house destroyed by fire?  I asked why and was told, uh-hem, because there is an insurance company in the middle of the owner/builder relationship.  It took the insurance people a week to decide which apartment complex to move our kids into, and while they have moved ahead with the demo work an actual builder has yet to show up on the property.
I can’t believe the weather people are predicting temperatures in the 80’s and 70’s next week.  Having faith that cooler weather IS coming I have started the Caramel Blanket Sweater found here on Ravelry.  I love the mindless stockinette stitch and the color switches, and especially the all-in-one-piece construction.  This is going to be fun!
Can you believe that Macy and Max have asked me to post a photo of super pup Chewy today?  They tell me she went through a lot with the fire, move and loss of toys (they have shared theirs with her).  They want to show you what she has to go through just to go out to tinkle.  She weighs just over 4 pounds and the three flights of stairs to their apartment are open to little dogs falling through, so she has to be carried—in her bag.  She is officially a purse puppy!

Life is good.


Nancy said...

Yes, I believe that teeth that have had root canals can be sensitive because mine are!

Love the sweater pattern - thanks for the link. I just might have to knit one.

kathy b said...

Overjoyed to see you've posted! Chewy the pocket pup is adorable. Yes Please, I'll take two.
Sorry the house building is going to be slower due to insurance. Aren't they supposed to make it better?

I love the Caramel Blanket Sweater. Oh my . What a find Katherine! Have you had that in your queue for a bit? Lovely.

Your baby blanket is adorable.

I was at a continuing ed thingy this week involving
Advanced Directives for patients. They said that making a decision for a loved one is equivalent to the stress of having your house burn down..
and vice versa I'm sure. I though of your family….this must be so darn hard.

Keep us posted. Still praying for all of you

SissySees said...

What a cutie Chewy is! That was so very nice of Macy and Max to share the limelight.

The blanket is where it needs to be. We caught a glimpse and it is lovely
- as is that cardi! Wow...

So sorry the house rebuild is off to a painfully slow start. Prayers and crossed paws for the situation to improve!

elns said...

The picture of the purse puppy is too cute. I'm not surprised by the delays caused by MiddleMan insurance, but hopefully everything will move along faster and the end result will be great.

I have been eyeing that sweater. I can't wait to see you knit it up.

Ugh, I have dental phobia. I have been obsessing about my appointment next week. I'm terrified of root canals. I know, such a baby!