Friday, October 03, 2014

The Good Life

After breakfast every morning and after dinner in the evening, Mr. Max has decided he needs “me” time with mom.  He climbs into my lap and snuggles and snoozes for up to 10 minutes.  Then he is gone, on to more important things.  I don’t know whether he does it for him or for me, but he is a busy, busy fellow and rarely stops for snuggle time otherwise.  When he does it is hit and run—a kiss on the hand or a head rub under my chin and zip he’s gone again.  He barks at the window, jumps on a toy, chases Macy and she chases him.  He falls down tired and rolls over on his back and sleeps for a bit, then jumps up and hits the toy box again.  Yes sir, snuggles are few and far between. 

Macy, on the other hand, is Miss Snuggle Pup.  She climbs up and wraps her paws around my neck in a hugging fashion several times a day.  In between she rubs against my leg and waits for a head rub or butt pat.  She wants me to know what she is doing at all times unlike Max who wants to be left alone to do his thing.  Not only that, she wants me to do whatever she is doing with her.

The good life sneaks up on me now and then, like the Blanket Sweater I’m knitting.  It is now past the sleeve holes and on to the body, and getting heavy.  It will be all the coat I need for a Texas winter.  I didn’t know if I would like the stripes at first and almost made it one color.  I am so glad I stuck with the pattern and striped it up because it is fun and cute and versatile.

Of course any good life is full of good food, like:
Stew—any day.  It warms the tummy 

Free form apple pie (on Grandmother's Haviland china)

I am a really lazy cook sometimes.  DH wanted an apple pie and I was in a hurry so I threw it together, and my free form apple pie was born.  I put the top and bottom pie crust on a cookie sheet.  Filled the center of each crust with apple fixins (a good Texas word) and folded the crusts up and over to form two neat little tarts.  Yum!

Dish dryer (if you don’t have one of these you NEED one!)

Homemade Italian meatballs.  Who could live without them?

What makes life good for you?


Nancy said...

Both pups are cute as can be!

I've seen the drying mats but haven't talked to anyone who has one. Glad to hear you recommend it.

I love the sweater, especially with stripes!

kathy b said...

Max Macy meatballs, and magnificent sweater! WoWZa.
I Love your stripe color choices too.

I better get a drying!

So happy to see you posting regularly again! !

kathy b said...

Oh I forgot: what makes life good for me?
You know : RETIRING
whiskers on kittens

SissySees said...

Yummy! My JRTs have always been velcro dogs, and my bassets, more independent. Sissy and Fred both are/were plenty affectionate though!

Comfort is having the Knight come home unexpectedly from duty, because he was worried about my eye... I think it's just allergies.