Thursday, May 07, 2015

Flying Needles

My mother said she crocheted to the rhythm of a tango in her head, and she didn’t like to have TV, music or anything disturbing the rhythm.  It was relaxing to her and she said, moved her project along at a steady pace.  This week I decided that baby things are knit to a Salsa beat.  I love the way they seem to fall off the needles.  Quick, quick, knit to the beat, cutie patootie booties--Ole’.  Sweaters, little sweaters.  Hats, hats, Viva La Salsa!!  Do you have a preferred knitting rhythm?
Note the precious Angel headband made with (gasp!) fun fur.  It will have satin ribbons to tie on at the back.  I’m turning baby things out fast but after a while I have to stop and work on another project.  I’m not young enough for more than a few hours of Salsa beat.  The result is that I have also finished one sleeve of the pullover and started on the final sleeve.  Progress is being made to the rhythm of the dance.
Roses and wildflowers in a blue Ball jar—received as a Mother's Day gift from my son-in-law this morning.  Does he understand me or what?  After sitting them on the island I realized that they match the wallpaper that has been in my kitchen forever.  The wallpaper reminds me of a day when I was walking through a field of wildflowers in Aspen, Colorado.  The breeze was carrying the scent of the flowers and the sound of a string quartet playing just over a hill ahead.  I sat on a rock and listened and breathed in the floral scent and realized this was as close as we get to heaven on earth.  I may keep that wallpaper another 20 years!
Sometimes I sit on the patio with Macy and Max and knit in the sun and breezes.  That rhythm is a lullaby.
Life is good.



Tired Teacher said...

I've never really thought about a specific rhythm for my knitting, but it often listen to Mozart while knitting.

kathy b said...

Hmmm great thoughtful question. I LOVE your raglan sweater..its moving along.
The angel fluffy headband is going to be amazing ! Did you think of it yourself? clever you!

I knit to the sound of those quiet Chanting Monks, in my head. They relax me..
OOOHHH aaaahhhh ahh ahhh ayyyee domino something or other

elns said...

i notice i tap my foot sometimes when I knit. I don't think it's to a specific rhythm.

The flowers are beautiful and I love they match your wallpaper.

I hope you get lots of time to knit in the sunshine with Macy and Max