Monday, September 28, 2015

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

There are a bunch of things I want to share today.  There’s the wedding, 
the great-grandkids, and of course the knitting.

Once again, I wish I could say that the baby blanket is moving along a quickly as I would like.  It is s—l—o—w!!  After 7 repeats I have memorized the 12 row pattern but that doesn’t seem to make it faster.  I’m using Addi Turbo Rocket needles and still, slow.  I am trying to stay positive about the project, reminding myself that I haven’t made any mistakes, I still have until November, it really is a very easy knit, and other such positive reinforcements.  

Great Grandchildren!!  Let me tell you nothing is better!  
I’ve earned the title great-grandmother the hard way.  I sat up many nights with sick grandchildren, taken them to doctors, picked them up from school, been chosen to speak to their history class because I am the oldest person they could think of (which qualifies me to know a lot about ancient history).  I have played 10,000 games of Candyland and Connect 4 with them and have taken a refresher course in algebra and geometry.  Trust me there are no two more popular people in the world than both regular and great grandma and grandpa.  I have occasionally posted pictures of the grandchildren but I am going to post all of the “greats” at once because I have earned the right to do so and because they are precious cute.
                                                Beautiful Miss Adelyn Sweetpea (5)
                                              Bryce Robertson(2) and Paige Noelle (3 mos.)
                                              1 year-old diva Miss Harlowe Carolyn

Finally, I would like to share a tribute today to a wonderful lady who left her family last night.  Our granddaughter’s almost fiancé (they are very close to the landmark event) lost his dear mother after a short battle with a cancerous brain tumor.   Last year I knitted a baby blanket for her daughter just because I wanted to.

She was so thrilled and appreciative that she sent me a gift card which I used to buy the Knit Picks Options needles I had wanted for some time.  I love and use the needles constantly and will always think of her each time I knit with them.  Please pray for and send positive vibes out for the family of Joyce Heggie.  She was a kind and loving person and will be missed.

Pups are watching each other’s backs….

Life is blessedly good.


elns said...

Ugh baby blankets. I would really like to rally with you and tell you that it's gonna be alright! And that you can do it ... because I am going through my own trials with a baby blanket and I think it's fair to say that my situation is not ending anywhere near Candyland if you know what I mean. However I am impressed with how pretty your blanket looks and that you haven't made any mistakes so far!! Me? It's just garter and I got it wrong, very wrong, as in wrong size no more yarn wrong, ha! At least it's a laugh.

Oh my goodness, your greats are gREAT! They look like a fun bunch with their own personalities apparent in the photos. I'm so sorry for your loss. It is a sweet story of kindness and appreciation that, your slice of life you shared with us.

kathy b said...

So fun to see each precious one. You have earned them

Tired Teacher said...

Great-grands? My goodness, were you a child bride? The photos are precious, and I'm thrilled you share them.

My prayers and sympathy go out to Joyce's family. May they treasure the memories they made with her.

I've found that putting a removable marker at my starting point each time I begin to knit each evening keeps me motivated. I like to see just how much I've progressed with each knitting session.