Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Too Cute

Talking to a neighbor as we picked up the mail she said to me, “Your shirt is just too cute.”  Thanks!  I guess my latest sewing endeavor is cute, but it’s mostly because of the bumble bee buttons.  The buttons were part of a swap package way, way, way back.  So far back in fact that I don’t remember who sent them to me.  If it was one of you, please forgive me and thank you so very much!!

Daughter Bethany is a nurse in a children’s hospital ER.  They wear cute scrub tops to help give the kids something to focus on other than what’s going on.  She asked for Thanksgiving and Christmas scrubs and here is Thanksgiving finished.  She wears long sleeve t-shirts under the scrub tops and this one will be orange.

Christmas will be started today with this fabric.  The true meaning of “too cute.”

Six more inches and I will finish the first sleeve for the stash sweater. 

I put the purple stripes on the sleeves and I think it is turning out to be too cute!  Goal for today is to finish this sleeve and start the last one.

There are 10 dishcloths stacked up in a basket, ready for Christmas gifting.  Now on to something else Christmas gift related, and I think it will be a couple of these cute aprons.  Grandson #2’s sweet little wife is a chef and will be thrilled with one of these to use in her own kitchen.  I think I will give one to dear daughter, who doesn’t cook at all, as a gag gift. 

Finishing the too cute category are the cutest fur-babies around.  They have new doggie beds but would rather sleep in my chair. 

Granddaughter Samantha has a new camera.  I know she is artistic but had no idea she could do this:

  Life is good.


kathy b said...

Aww your nurse scrub tops are amazing! i thought you'd make her a CUBS one. Maybe you will?????
I love the stream photo! WOW
You are way ahead on gifts. I sort of am. I just don't know who is getting what that I already knit????

Judy S. said...

Great sewing projects! Love the stash sweater, too; another great idea!

Tired Teacher said...

Love all the sewing you've been doing. Hmm, I like seeing nurses in fun scrubs, too. Does that mean, I'm a kid at heart?

Samantha has a good eye for photo composition.