Sunday, December 04, 2016

It Happened One Night

The night before last I was at loose ends knitting-wise so I sat down to cast on for a new project. Two size US17 straights jumped into my hands and I grabbed two strands of green bulky yarn and started knitting a quick and easy afghan.  Before I could ask myself, “What was I thinking?” I realized I was enticed by “quick and easy”  and it was not!  After five rows my hands and wrists started aching and I wondered if I had more than those two skeins of yarn in my stash.  I don’t, but in the process of pawing through tons of stash yarn I found this…

One lone blue lace sock.  I searched and yep, there is only one sock.  At some point I must have had a powerful case of second-sock-itis.  I also determined that not only do I not have two more skeins of the green yarn, I don’t have any more of the blue cotton Cascade Fixation.  Elfie can't believe it!

Since I am at still without a project I have decided to dump all of it and make this Sideways Garter Vest I found on a Ravelry crawl.  I already have the dark and light blue yarns and wow is it easy.  With Christmas on my mind I need easy right now.  

Thanksgiving was super.  It was so great to have all the local children and grandchildren at sit down.  I cooked for three days before the feast and loved every minute of it. 
 Sometimes happy mistakes occur in my kitchen.  My bread stuffing is a family favorite and the recipe is given out to the children as a rite of passage.  It usually incorporates giblets but my no-name turkey did not have giblets in either the rear or neck cavity.  Go figure!  I had a pound of Italian sausage on hand so I fried it with the onions and garlic I usually put in the stuffing and used it in place of the revered giblets.  The vote around the table was that I had produced the “Best stuffing ever!” Well okay—good to know.  Will I do it again?  Would you?

The only thing that depresses me during the Holidays is the fact that we have to leave Macy and Max alone so much during family festivities.  They are already getting into their clingy, I-won’t-survive-if-you-leave-me mode.  Max cries real tears while Macy snuggles with him and stares at us to make us feel really bad.  And I do!!
Still, life is good.


Tired Teacher said...

Single sock would make a nice Christmas stocking, and the bulky green yarn would make a nice Snow Day Cowl, which is very easy. Check for the pattern on Ravelry.

The last few years, I've noticed that many turkeys do not contain giblets. I've resorted to purchasing them separately, but the package contains way more than I can use. Aargh!

Oooh, look at those sad pups!

kathy b said...

That garter vest is absolutely the BEST. I put it on my list for someday when garter and I don't fight .
I want that bread Katherine. Leaving the pets is very hard isnt it ? Fireman was home all day when I had to go back to Illinois for a doc appt and a meeting. Fireman said he was clingy all day. AND he was not home alone ! Its good they love us.

elns said...

I have an orange sock that can marry your blue sock. I'm all for stopping the what am i thinking knit. I've done that a bit this fall/winter.

As for sausage stuffing. That's my favorite, hands down. I vote for doing it again, and again, and again, ha!

Judy S. said...

I've seen unmatched socks for sale, so you are really with it! Can't tell you how much I love and how often I use that little box of knitterly goodies you sent, and I think of you every time I use it! Now to check out that vest pattern. I knit Brooklin which was a fun project.....