Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Faster Every Year!

Christmas comes and goes faster as I get older.  Once there was plenty of time to wander the malls, fight the crowds at Bed, Bath & Beyond and dash through Sam’s and Costco.  There would be trips out to get wrapping paper and tissue and ribbon.  Now I shove things in bags and maybe tie a bow on it, depending on what day of the week before the big day it is.  I used to buy those wonderful name tags for packages, but now I make my own.  It’s faster!  I'm one step away from writing names on packages with a black marker.

This year I decided to make the microwave bowl hot holders for every member of the family, and added a hot pad to match.  I made 15 of those puppies.  Day and night.  On and on.  I bought fat quarters by the car load—dark jewel colors and bright pastels.  I used most of a bolt of cotton batting.  It was fun and it was the most popular gift of the season!  I received text messages and phone calls telling me the microwave bowls were a complete success.  I love it when a plan comes together.  However, I’m not sure I could do it again.  If Christmas 2017 moves even faster I’ll be ready around January 15th.  Maybe later.

As I sat in front of the TV a few nights ago, I wondered what to start knitting.  Should I go back to the garter stitch vest?  Should I pick up the never-ending blanket and resolve to finish it?  This is what I decided to knit

It felt comfortable after the eight I made for Christmas gifts.  So I got that out of my system and I am back to the garter stitch vest.  
I am searching for the next project by going through old pattern books.  I don’t know if I will find the right project but I am having fun with the old books.
Macy has found a new way to campaign for early lunch—talk to daddy because mom is not listening.

Max is sticking with tried and true—tell mom what time it is.  His problem is that his tummy can’t tell time and is always early.

Life is good.      


Tired Teacher said...

Glad the microwave bowl holders were a hit. I use mine a lot more than I thought I would.

Don't blame the pups for wanting an early lunch. I'm still trying to adjust to standard time. ;o)

Judy S. said...

I agree, 2016 went by at lightning speed! And I'm thinking how could 2017 go any faster, but it probably will. (I remember when the clock moved from 3:00 to the 3:30 dismissal time at a snail's pace. Those were the days, eh?) Aren't dishcloths great; they can be finished in a flash, unlike sweaters or even the second sock. This year I am going shop my stash and try to finish my legion of WIPs. Oh yeah, and get started on Christmas projects now. Your dogs are adorable!

kathy b said...

Katherine, leave it to you to make wonderful gifts. The micro treats look perfect. When you don't know, you know where to go: Dishcloths! :)
Hi pups

elns said...

I'm still struggling that this year is 2017. The holidays came and went in a blur for me. I'm still recovering. ha!

Macy's little sweater is super cute and I love the way she's working her lunch.