Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Repairs and Maintenance

This blog’s writer has been under repairs and maintenance for a while.  I said I was going to retire for half the year and work through the heavy year-end closings and taxes part of the year.  That puts me smack dab in the middle of that fast-paced time and headed toward the first tax due date.  It is still the intense and wearing pace that I remember.  But the end of summer and winter were fun!

None of the back-to-work stress has helped the sometimes severe and other times “I can handle them” anxiety attacks I’ve been having.  We are working on the problem, and when I say, “We” I mean just about anyone who comes in contact with me day to day.  Bill has been a huge help in keeping me calm.  He even uses humor.  This morning he said he would tell me how pretty I looked but he was afraid I would ask, “What do you mean by that.”  I have made small progress thanks to a wonderful doctor who knows me well after 30 years.  I think I am on the way to understanding myself better than ever before and demonstrating that old dogs really can learn new tricks with the help of a lot of friends, a ton of prayers and a little medication.

Staying busy with things I enjoy has been my main “repair and maintenance” method.  There are two new great-grandchildren coming in the next two months. All these new babies have had me knitting and sewing during every free moment.

I finished a little girl sweater which is awaiting buttons:

I’m working on a pink blanket with fuchsia and purple contrast:

AND a soft as bunny-fur blanket for baby girl.  This is made fast and easy by making a frame with four mitered corners to slip the contrast flannel (and batting if you like) into.  Stitch around the whole thing and just add a baby.
Still working on a quilt for the baby boy, but since it has a fire engine on it, brother Bryce will be sure it belongs to him:

Then I made pattern weights to use on the silk shirt I am about to cut for sewing.  No sticking pins in that sheer fabric!
Finally I tried my hand at a fabric storage box, and since it is okay (just) I may make more:
That’s what is happening with me.  Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.  The pups are being their usual cute and demanding selves.  Soon to be 15 year-old Macy had a senior dog exam that included x-rays and blood tests.  When the Vet called he said, Macy is a 15 year-old dog with a 5 year-old dog’s heart and body.  We are blessed!
Life is good. 
 (Anyone know why Blogger is acting so crazy?  I can't get anything to stay where I put it.)



kathy b said...

WOw You are super busy. That is usually helpful to me when Im' down or depressed. That baby sweater is adorbs. I love your basket liner. So good to see your post. SO happy to hear Macy is young at heart!!!!

Tired Teacher said...

Too much stress is NOT a good thing. I'm glad your doctor has been a big help to you and that knitting and sewing are smoothing out the edges.

Love all of your projects, but that sweater is so dang cute! Glad to hear that Macy is in such great shape.

Be kind to yourself, my friend.

Judy S. said...

Keep on a-knitting as it's supposed to be a good stress reducer, but only if you're not working on what I call a "don't talk to me" pattern. Love your projects, especially the pink knit blanket. Is it hard to sew on silk? Hang in there, and take care.

elns said...

Your crafts are absolutely lovely. I'm sorry about the anxiety and I can relate, so I really do understand. It can be very hard at times learning new ways to manage and cope but you really can. It sounds like you've been doing a great job and you must hold onto that. It is very important that you put all the good bits and bobs into your pocket so you can pull them out in more difficult moments to remind you of the good and that you're capable and you're OK. Wishing you all the best!