Friday, May 05, 2017


That’s the sound of some insidious, evil geek, hacking into and crashing my computer.  It took a week and a few nicer geeks to get things back to almost normal.  Almost!

I don’t think my sweet little computer will ever be quite the same.  I use a big, 17 inch HP laptop, on an angled stand with two fans blowing underneath.  The fans are because it runs very hot. It’s not the kind of laptop you carry around under your arm. 
 It has been helping me with bookkeeping, accounting and taxes for a lot of clients for 6 years.  Then, someone playing games decides to ruin it.  I have Norton Antivirus and an internet watcher called Malwarebytes, but they both missed the offender.  Fortunately I am faithful about backing up critical information. 

You can see in the picture how much I use my computer by the missing letters on the keyboard.  I learned to type on old style typewriters. 
 First an Underwood, then a Remington and a Royal.  I guess I  type on the tips of my fingers as one had to do to make those keys go down, so my fingernails, whether short or long, absolutely ruin the keyboard of every computer I use.  The people at Best Buy wanted to know if I spilled something on the keyboard (lye?).  If it had only been that easy!!

Knitting was my relaxation during this ugly event.  I don’t believe I am going to like the heft of the heavy-weight cotton for a dishcloth.  We will see. 
 I have started the Fair Isle on the hat, but I’m afraid the variegated color sections may be too long to have that stained glass effect.  Again, we will see. 
Baby girl's sweater and soft as a bunny’s tail blanket have been sent off to the new great-granddaughter who was born early last week.
Meet Monroe Kathleen.  She is my Carrie’s 3rd grandchild.  Her son Joshua told me that he felt his mom there.  Knowing Carrie as I do I am certain she was there.
Life is good.


kathy b said...

Monroe Kathleen ! Mid yawn adorableness. Carrie is most certainly with the family!! I believe.
IM sorry about your viral infection of the cyber kind. They are the WORST.

Tired Teacher said...

Mischievous and/ or malevolent hackers are the bane of technology. Thankfully, there are also a few helpful and good hackers to counterbalance the evil ones. I'm sorry your computer was attacked, but happy to hear you backup your files regularly.

Congratulations on your new great-granddaughter. She is adorable!

Happy knitting

elns said...

First of all congratulations on the new great grandbaby! So sweet. I'm sorry about the computer issues. It's the worst.

Judy S. said...

Congrats on that new great grandbaby; she's a cutie! So sorry about the hacker and hope it's completely resolved.