Friday, June 02, 2006

Fun and Games

Macy in pounce mode

Dead squirrel walking

It’s fun to just sit on the patio and knit while watching Macy stalk squirrels and other critters in the yard. She found a snake a few days ago. Whenever she uses a particular high-pitched bark we know she has cornered something that needs attention. This time it was a brightly colored snake—totally non-poisonous, but mad as h-e-#-@ thanks to Macy. I couldn’t shoo him away and he was striking at everything that came within two feet of him, and writhing so much I couldn’t pick him up, even with a long-handle hoe. So I did the only thing I could do—cover your ears nature lovers—I asked DS#4 to kill him with the hoe. I’m so ashamed! (Yes, I had someone else do the dirty work. Fearless Firefighter is the snake killer around here). The world is minus one colorful snake. Since I saw one in the front yard this morning, I think there are plenty left!

I asked DH to take these pictures to show the bendy quality of Comfort Zone needles. I have finally gotten used to the #1s and am sailing along on the current sock project. Now the #2s seem stiff. The thing I like about these needles is that you can bend them all around to fit your hand position or get them out of the way of other needles (click on the photo and see the bend at the left little finger). Then when they have been resting for a while, after the project is finished, they straighten out. I’ll qualify by saying that I have a couple sets of #2s that are permanently bent from constant use, but they conform to my hands and continue to knit comfortably. For hours. Without pain. Life is good.


wendy said...

My size 0s have a very funny bend at each end from a pair of socks I just made...I totally love how they do that...they fit me so well.

Katherine said...

Isn't it great how they become your own customized needles, just from knitting with them! I hope your family is feeling better.

Bliss said...

Hmmm...that almost makes me want to give dpns another try for sock knitting.

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