Friday, June 09, 2006

I Can See Clearly Now

Failing eyesight—it happens to everyone, although DH swears that his vision is as clear as when he was 20. If that’s true, then he was having trouble seeing at 20. Mine is getting fuzzier and fuzzier as the years go by. My Mother used to say her arms weren’t long enough as she popped on her reading glasses. Now it is my turn—I have those little “tip-of-the-nose” glasses stashed everywhere: in the car, in my purse, knitting bag, workout bag, on the bookcases, in dresser drawers, beside the chair where I read the newspaper…. DH says we have spent enough on reading glasses in the last year to take a nice vacation. To Paris. Add to these the computer glasses, which are essential or you would be reading gibberish, and I have to admit I am aging. Getting old enough to be a grandmother is great fun. Being able to clearly see the sweet faces of my grandchildren--priceless!

It has come to my attention that I can no longer see knitting patterns printed in smaller than a 24-point font. The mistake in the picture (see little black circle) would not have happened otherwise. But, will I frog it? Nay, nay I tell you—it’s a silly dishcloth. I don’t think DD will stop while wiping off countertops and say, “OOOh there is a mistake Mom made, she must need glasses.” Then again…she knows me pretty well!

This dishcloth is made from that wonderful, cheap Sonata I ordered from, using the pattern by Vaunda Rae Giberson shown here. My favorite thing about knitting dishcloths is that I can finish one in an evening. They are an easy, mindless TV watching activity, and easy to pick up during long client phone calls. The problem is that one day everyone I know will have enough dishcloths (we are reaching that point now). I guess it’s back to socks….

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Rachel said...

LOL Well your eyes must be better than mine because I can't find the mistake (or the black spot) in that picture anywhere, even full size!!! And it's still going to be a beautiful dishcloth!